why the hate for Jamie Stoddard,

why does Taman, and the coaches hate Stoddard sure hes not a burner but every year they try and replace him and by mid season hes starting or a least in heavy rotaion almost never drops a ball and in crunch time seems to get open for that ever important first down and never seems to bich

cheers to the quiet canadian boy

…no hate from my perspective…he’s mister clutch for the BigBlue…and the kind of grit and determination he shows is enough to keep him around…even though he won’t burn-up the field…ala Milt…i like the guy… :thup:

he is just highly highly under ratted. i have loved this guys abilities for a long time. great hands, good under coverage and in the clutch, and the best place holder we got.

I don't see where he's being hated...Jamie's problem as I see it is this...

Our Canadian receiver depth is better than ever, as far as I can remember. James will never beat out Arjei for the number one spot and if we can have 4 American receivers starting (ie...we start a Canuck at Safety), Jamie may only be playing special teams. Same goes if O'Neil Wilson has a great camp. Don't get me wrong, I love everything about Stoddard, it's just that he's no longer the Top Canadian receiver on this team anymore.

I've never been a fan of his but I don't think the coaches are treating him unfairly they just know what he is capable of and frankly it doesn't measure up to what is required of a good starting canadian receiver.
Wilson showed potential last year but didn't really deliver so the only proven canadian talent they have is Arjei so expect the coaches to keep trying receivers out till they find someone.

Personally I'd much rather see the Bombers cut wayyy back on that 5 receiver set they used last year and put the ball in Roberts hands a lot more.

he doesnt measure up? he has done everything they've ever ask of him.one year when milt went down in the semi's he even played milts spot and we didn't miss a beat offensivly he could and should be wpgs ben cahoon . as for the 5 rec sets thier great, doug is a pass specialist and Roberts (no disrespect intended) is well due for a injury (hammy most likly)and does not train. he does not make the cuts like he used to and is getting on in age which would mean he'll stat slowing down id rather trade him and bring in a qulity player or two while he worth somthing cause once the the hammy goes it will always go.

He doesn't measure up ANYMORE...

I love Jamie Stoddard, honestly, but comparing him to Ben Cahoon is a real stretch.

Suggesting to trade Roberts because you think he's due for an injury is just a little nuts...

jamie is as importanyt as any 1 one the team and galf we resigned him

Yep...good re-signing. Jamie belongs here and nowhere else.

Stoddard has been everything that the Bombers have ever asked from him in the past. Receiver, special teams, great team guy.........and oh ya, he's the best holder for our kickers, and of the best in the league at it.