Why the Hate for Buono?

Hi, I'm not looking for slander, unsubstantiated allegations, or any garbage.

I'm a long-time 'Cat fan who occasionally hears good things about Buono and who occasionally hears bad things. In other words, pretty normal press.

I know that he's been incredibly successful and that gets under the skin of opposing teams and fans. I mean, how much love was there for Matthews?

So, 'cause I'm in the east, I need a tutorial. Without heat, swearing, and the like, why do so many people in the west seem to hate Wally?

Is it about his personality, his beliefs, his football strategies, the way he treats people, his morals, whatever?


I don't hate Buono...I just can't stand his arrogance and what I perceive as him being a liar, in many instances...as a coach he's fantastic...

just some guesses.

  • his religion
  • his success on teams not his own
  • his age, as in younger fans like younger coaches?
  • Some choices he makes, like playing JJ in the last game last year

As for me, I was never really a WB fan, specially when he in Calgary, and he has made many choices over the years that I disagree with, but I do respect him, both as a long time coach, and as a person. Seems every yr, there has always been at least one other coach in the league that I liked better, starting with the Don, Lancaster, Pinball, Barrett, and even Paopao, and now Huffnagal.

I think people don't like that at times he makes arrogant remarks. But he's also one of the best football people in the league. Maybe this is the arrogant part of me speaking, but I also maintain that people, combine with my previous remark, don't like a winner.

what I perceive as him being a [b]liar[/b]
that would be against his religion.

...people like a winner #81, not an arrogant one though....Buono wins no doubt, one of the best, but he'll let you know it in no uncertain terms, and that is unecessary in my books...

...it may be against his religion, but it doesn't mean he does not do it, or that others don't perceive him as being one...

Yes, that's what I was trying to say in that paragraph/sentence.

I am not sure anyone can claim to never ever tell a lie, not matter how much I try to do so. However, I dont perceive wally being any moreso than anyone else and would wonder how you get that perception.

They love to hate him but there's no denying that he's a top 2 coach of all time. Personally I'm pretty thrilled that the Lions hired him on and have managed to keep him here for 5 seasons. Looking forward to many more with him behind the bench.

Did Buono claim to not know of video of the Jimenez hit, then later say he had a video of the hit and wouldn't release it?

If yes to both, then he's a liar. If no to the first and yes to the second, then he's just a jerk. I don't trust liars, and I don't trust jerks...wouldn't trust Buono as far as I could throw him, and he's bigger than me, so I can't throw him very far...

That sums up my feelings... for the most part, anyway.

i doesn't get any bad press here in b.c.

he's pretty well liked here by everybody. same goes for david brailey.

And raping children and killing people isn't allowed in ANY religion.....

What's your point...? :expressionless:

…the point is that just because it’s “not allowed” doesn’t mean people don’t do it…it was a poor example, but an example nonetheless…

Gotcha. I must have read it a different way the first time because it didn't make sense. :lol:

well I have no idea, but the possibilities for there being no lie exist.

One possibility, He did not know of any video at the time, then later he did learn of it. Such a scenerio happens a lot.

Its possible for sure but I would think that looking to see if there was a video would have been a priority

have you never falsly assumed something to be true and then very surprised to find otherwise. Thats being human, not a liar.