Why the crazy schedule ?

I may be completely overlooking the obvious here, but I just noticed the full season CFL schedule and am wondering why does it seem to switch days on a weekly basis ? e.g one week we all play Friday and Saturday nights, the next week there is one game each night starting Thursday, there are Monday games ???

Can someone please explain ??

Thanks, Winter

Schedules are based on accomodating supply and demand. For example, stadiums may be unavailable because of other events or maintenace. CFL is not unusual to other sports in scheduling.

The Monday games are on holidays (labour day, thanksgiving)

This week has a Sunday game at 5:00 local time in Regina. Used to be Sunday games weren't played until after Labour Day.

My guess it is a combination of stadium availability, and TV scheduling. For example, the Sask-Hamilton game this Sunday at 5:00 is a weird time, but is it was probably a TSN thing, as it is covering all 4 rounds of the PGA Championship, and there would be a TV conflict if that game were played early Saturday or Sunday.

Toronto home games are always moving targets as they share the stadium with the Jays, so they could end up anywhere. Edmonton, for some reason, plays a lot of Thursday night home games, although I don't know why. Any Monday games you see are holidays in Canada.

I like the fact that there is a game on tv 3 days out of the week prior to Labour Day so I have something besides the boring game of baseball at this time of year

Apparently the Thursday games are to accomodate TSN and the reason that Edmonton is hit with the majority of these games is because they always lead the CFL in attendance so they are able to absorb the hit better than the others. Attendance in Edmonton has dropped about 5000 on average for the Thursday games since they were implemented. Hopefully they come to their collective senses next year, if so I will buy a seasons ticket and commute on weekends but there is no way I am buying if I can't make the first 4 home games.

Darn fools.

You're right. If they're going to have them, they should try and spread them as evenly as possible.