Why the change of heart?

Here is the big news!!!
Saskargo is going to have a baby!!!
Yep,Saskargo jr is in the works!!!
Life is to short.
There now you know.
God bless you all!!!

Allow me to be the first to offer congratulations!

Congrads Saskargo...... Enjoy him/her while you can. They grow up so fast.

congrats to you saskargo, nothing ages you faster than children...but it's all worth it..

Congratulations !! Having a child is a big change in a life. Nothing will be the same anymore,but its worth it every minutes. Me and my wife are proud parent of a young boy for three weeks now. Never been so happy in my life. Congrats again !

let’s hope the child don’t develop a drool problem from all the inbreeding.

Congrats Saskargo...

And may I say that I hope your child turns out to be a rider fan :slight_smile:
All Jokes aside, I am sure your bundle of joy will bring you lots of happiness


.....I probably shouldn't call you "escargot" anymore.....that might make you want to hurl..... :smiley:

Thank you everyone.
No he or she won't be a rider fan.
I kind of scared the baby will be a Eskies fan.My husband is a die hard Eskies fan.Either way,the baby will be a bundle of joy.
Once again thanks!!
Hey Newfie, pretty funny!!!!

Congratulations Saskargo....and good for you to mellow out for awhile...high blook pressure isn't good for the baby. Stay healthy....

:oops: :oops: 'blood' :oops: :oops:

I would guess you will be doing a lot of 'changing' ..and it won't be the way you are posting...good luck with the young un'...they are a treasure..... :wink:


I'm sure you will expose your baby to lots of football early on in life and teach him/her how much the Riders suck...

after all, you want to raise that little one right!

Will this be your first?

Nope 15th.Oh I thought you were talking about the Grey cup.LOL
Yes my first.It is pretty cool.
Thanks ro1313!!!

OMG, saskargo is going to produce an offspring? The Apocolypse is nigh! :lol:

Seriously tho, congratz on the preggers front. And in a few years, we'll have a new Rider basher amongst us.


Thanks again everyone.
A special thanks goes to you Billy.
Putting your differences aside and saying congratz.

Congratulations to you and your husband!