Why the CFL matters!

For those who haven't noticed, the Commissioner posted a message about why the CFL matters, and I thought it was inspiring!

Why the CFL matters

I enjoyed the read myself along with the National Post Editorial, "When two leagues collide."

...When two leagues collide...interesting article... it looks to me like some ' squirming 'is going on by a few back east...especially 'if ' the Larry Campbell bill is put into law...I get a kick out of the statement ' Why are you Canadians being so protectionist about your culture you Canadians you'..C'MON...I think the guy who penned that letter for the National Post better have a good look at some of the 'protectionist' themes that exist in the states...We are only going down the Larry Campbell road because WE as Canadians have a right to....just as much right as we have to protect OUR borders against foreign infiltration of ANY kind...especially when it threatens Canadian culture....I hope Campbell is successful in his 'protectionist' bill...we need a few more guys like him.....go Larry :thup: