Why the CFL is so great, and so important to Canada

Ok, so the refs suck at times, we know that. But really, just went on to the Riders web site to "take me out to the prairies sort of thing" and get away from all this southern Ontario heat and Blue Jays, Blue Jays, Blue Jays stuff that is rammed down our collective throats here in southern Ontario like the Jays are "Canada's team" and that they are are you really need here in the summer in southern Ontario for your sporting entertainment needs (especially as rammed down our throats by their owners Rogers Sportsnet). And Toronto media that concentrates on them.

Now, I have nothing personally agains't the Jays, don't like baseball much have to admit, but dont' wish anything bad for them (except Paul Godfrey of course - just kidding Paul, we know you love the CFL deep down :smiley: ) but man AM I EVER SICK OF THE JAYS AS BEING WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT CANADA MORE THAN SAY A TEAM LIKE THE RIDERS IN SASKATCHEWAN. Just crap. I think I have to move out of this part of the country some day before I get swallowed up by this whole Toronto Blue Jays "big time" only crap. It bothers me big time but this is where I work. Without the Tiger-Cats here in Hamilton, it would be very difficult to keep your sanity.

Anyway, another reason why we have to keep the CFL going and going, it is just so important to counteract all this crap.

BTW, what I'm saying here doesn't mean the Riders are "Canada's team" or whatever, far from it. We all know that the Tiger-Cats are that of course!


I think the CFL needs to kepp only not to couteract the Jays, but becase it's the ONLY pro league that you can turly say is CANADIAN! for the most part.

Earl, you forgot hockey season where the Leafs are Canada's team....At least in the eyes of Bob Cole and Harry Neale.

Yeah, but everyone knows that Cole and Neale are about as big homers for the Leafs as say, Walby is for the Bombers.

I always thought that Walby picked up his broadcasting style from Cole and Neale... they've been doing that as long as I remember, and I'd be willing to bet that it's been much much longer than that even.

The guy on the Fan morning show here, Mike Richards, does a really good Cole impersonation, some of the ways he talks about the Leafs doing things in his own mind just about kills me and the unfortunate people driving around me on the way into work in the morning.

Wonder if I can come up with longer run-on sentences.... we'll have to see.

Earl, I do have to admit that I cheer for the Jays because they are located in Canada, although I did begin to appreciate the game of baseball in the late 80's, as the Jays were doing well, so it made it much easier to cheer for them.....

If you listen to Cole& Neale, they make it seem like hockey would crumble like a house of cards without the Leafs...I always considered Canada to have two national teams, the Leafs AND Canadiens.. for whatever reason, the brass at CBC sees fit to show only the Leafs in the early game on Saturday night, probably to gain what they term their biggest audience, Toronto and southern Ontario. Usually the second game is divided equally among, the Oilers, Flames and Canucks. I would like to see a similiar thing happen with the early HNIC game, show more of the Canadiens and Senators during the season.

As for the Jays, they will have faded come September, when people will turn their attention to the CFL.

I like that they push the Leafs so much. I wouldn't follow hockey as much but I love to see them lose. It's great to have teams to hate as much as it is to have the one's you love

besides the leafs and jays hype,I really can’t stand when the media says the argos are the anchor of the CFL,and the league won’t survive without THEM!This, from a team that can’t attract fans and has been supported by the other teams more than once.

Well, yes, the Leafs are characterized as "Canada's team" for sure in hockey. But I've always been a Habs fan and probably will always be one. Again, southern Ontario Toronto media propaganda. And in baseball, I have always been a Tigers fan, they were there before the Jays were around in these parts. Not that I'm a big baseball fan, find the game too slow and monotonous, but the Tigers are my team there. The Jays do nothing and have never done anything for me. But I can see how others might cheer for the Jays since they are located in Canada. But they are no where near Canadiana like the CFL is, if the Jays go down the tubes, well, I really couldn't care less but if the CFL goes down the tubes, I'd be at a huge loss.

Now, if Paul Godfrey left the Jays and they hired someone like Keith Pelley, who I think would like Pauls job there, and if Keith really promotes a Jays/Argos real team thing with co-marketing strategies and such, well, then I could very well switch from a Tigers fan to a Jays fan. Godfrey will never allow me to root for the Jays.

The STAR and The SUN hates the CFL.

Complaining here does nothing. You have to write letters to the editor. :thup:

Why hello do they hate the CFL? Because it is an embarrasement to their big "American only in Toronto" egos or something?
But then again I hate Paul Godfrey who is one of them I suppose so it's a two way street.