Why the CFL is great

First off what a win tonight from my hometown Bombers! There is no other team I would rather beat like that than the Esks. And I would much rather have beat them like that, than beat them 46-10 again like we did a few weeks ago.

Anyway the Esks almost stole a game that the Bombers deserved to win. After all we were winning for about 55 minutes of the game. Except when it was 0-0 for a couple minutes, and then when we were down 1-0 for a couple more minutes, and when Edmonton went ahead with 15 seconds left. And we could have run out the clock after getting a first down if Glenn hadn't fumbled.

As it was things seemed hopeless. We had the ball on our own 10, with 3 seconds to play. Perhaps the only hope would be a pass interference call that would extend the game one more play. Inexplicably the Eskimos called a blitz and lined up with 8 men within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage and only 4 men deep. That left Milt Stegall, one of the greatest receivers in CFL history with one on one coverage. Now I am not a fan of prevent defenses, but this is one time it should have been used. The Eskimos should have had 7 guys deep, really deep. I heard Machochia had been calling for his guy to get deeper, but they never heard him or something.

The Esks fans must have been stunned. I wonder if anyone left the game after they went up and were shocked to hear they lost when they got to the car lol.

Anyway that is one of the greatest finishes I have ever seen.

Now the one thing that is not debatable is the CFL features more wild finishes than the NFL. The rules just allow for it. This is the #1 reason why the CFL is better than the NFL. In the NFL you can kill off the last 3 minutes of the clock with 1 or at most 2 first downs. In the CFL you have to earn the victory. And in the CFL you will never see the coaches shaking hands with time left on the clock (there is nothing I hate more about the NFL than that).

Anyway I have never seen a finish like this before! But every CFL game is great! Keep watching!!!!!!!!!

Cheers, bro!
Go Blue!! And remember kids, Milt Stegall is LEGEND.