Why the CFL and not the NFL?

I remember a BC / Calgary game once. :02 remaining. There was 2 tds and a FG scored. Today the announcers in the NFL game said , with :05 minutes remaining in the 3 rd quarter and a 14 point lead that LA can now play out the clock to protect that lead. Are you kidding me!


We have to stop this stuff from both sides.
The CFL is a great league without comparing it to anything else.

The NFL is not in 1985 anymore. It's great too. This weekend has had 4 incredible playoff games.

College Football is great.

Hell even the XFL 2.0 had its spots

Football is great. Let's enjoy watching football.


If you watched this weekend’s games, especially tonight’s game, you’ll know that is not true. Totally agree with the post by Crash. Football fans have been lucky this year with excellent playoff games in both leagues.


While we can. It's a long wait from February to June.


Hopefully we get two more games next weekend like the games this weekend.


Get me a spring league. Happy to watch the AAF again.


I already put in my order for at least one GOOD game and possibly one GREAT game. We'll see what 'NFL Game Dash' delivers. :partying_face:


Looks like they're going to field some teams this spring (I did not know that). Was it good to watch in 2019?

I watched all these games and enjoyed them for the most part....EXCEPT for the ending of K.C. vs. Buffalo. What kind of a supposed football league, on which winning should depend on athleticism in all its aspects, lets a coin toss decide who wins an otherwise equal and great game? It sickens me. You
call the toss right, you of course choose to receive because first score wins it all; you score, you win - no reciprocal possession for the other team. For this most of all, as well as other reasons, give me the CFL any day. I'll be steamin' about this one for some time.


If KC didn't score at all or they scored a field goal then Buffalo gets possession to respond.

KC won on a TD.

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I felt like I already watched the super bowl today .

How do they come up with an encore ?

But yes it would have been better if both teams had an opportunity to field both offence and defence equally to determine a winner .

Both defences were spent .


EVERYONE in our living room watching the game was steaming too (imagine how fans in Buffalo felt). That NFL OT format has got to morph into something more satisfying than that.


Yes, KC won on a TD. And if it were really about football, considering both teams were answering each other so closely, then Buffalo should have had a chance to tie it up again with a TD. I'm afraid your
rationale does not seem rational to me. It was great
football. Then it turned into gambling. That's not sport. It's shameful. It's a total joke, but not a funny
one for the Bills and their funs.


Nowhere did I mention it was a rational way to decide a playoff game.

Just explained how the OT format works for the NFL.

It was up to the defense to stop KC to at least a field goal.

In a format like this it's always never fair for the losing team.

Should be 2 10 min ot periods of non sudden death.

Then go to the shootout format


A coin toss did not determine the winner. I assure you after the coin toss actual football was played.

Only 52% of coin toss winners win the game in the NFL.


I like that approach as the best .

Agree the Chiefs defence should have to face the Bills offence .

It's not hockey where they play both sides of the game offence and defence at the same time .

There is two versions of that team offence and defence that should have had their hand in the final result to be fair and balanced .

Both defences were shattered at that point and needed to be tested until one holds up or collapses to get an even result .

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I don't believe I implied anywhere that you felt you were giving the, or a, rational viewpoint. Rather that you were justifying the outcome in some way. Anyway, I don't want to argue with you or anyone here. Your suggestions as to what would make it more fair are interesting, though I'm not sure what you mean by a shootout in this context. Just curious: do you like the CFL OT format? As for yesterday, both teams were stunning: what a shame there had to be a loser. And to all here, I meant "not funny for the Bills and their fans (not their "funs", obviously.)

Perhaps your Jills should played defence when it counted and got the ball back???

That option was available...

Methinks the squawking from Jills mafia wouldn't be happening if Buffalo scored first...

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As for getting the ball back, that's a tall order. You seem to imply, without any substantiation, that the Bills were playing lousy on defense. Methinks the rest of your comment, beginning "Methinks", is rude ("squawking" and "mafia" -- like, WHAT??) and the pun is just plain dumb. Show some maturity, maybe?

Exactly my sentiments as well.

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