Why The Caretaker Should Sign Tim Tebow

First off, I know Montreal owns his rights but I'm sure they could be obtained without too much cost to the team. The major reason to obtain him would be the publicity and marketing aspect the Ti-Cats would receive. Can you imagine the hype? Not only would the Canadian media be on it but American networks would regularly send crews up here to cover the story. Whether you like him or hate him, everyone has an opinion on Tim Tebow. People would show up in droves just for the pre-game practice at Tim Horton's field. This would generate a lot of buzz!! Tebow would also generate incredible publicity for community events (of which there are many) that the Cats participate in. It would be difficult to quantify the dollar value of having him on the roster but it would be huge. Certainly the Tiger Cats name would be out there over North America.
As far as his quarterback ability, who really knows how he would do up here. I know where he has played he has found a way to win. With his running ability he may have the potential to turn heads like Doug Flutie did and his passing isn't as bad as the critics like to point out. You would think he never threw a football in his life. I'm not saying he would be a number one QB right away but certainly he is worth more to the Cats to have him on the sideline than say Jason Boltus or any of our other third stringers we've had.
What do you think Mr. Young? If and it's a big if whether Tim Tebow would even consider moving north, do you think he would look good in a Ti-Cats uniform?

Best way to ruin a franchise is to make on-field decisions based on marketing and "sizzle." Terrible idea IMO.


The best marketing tool is fielding a winning team,

The guy can't throw an NFL football.. so lets give him a bigger one on a bigger field with more players and he'll be a stud.. Genius.

In my ongoing quest to put this myth to bed for good.........


The balls for both leagues are essentially the same; they're made in the same factory by the same company.

Actually, the CFL regulation football is actually technically SMALLER than the NFL regulation football, though the difference is probably too small to notice. The old Spalding J5V ball was bigger than the NFL ball prior to 1985, but even this ball was downsized to be closer in size to the NFL ball after that season.

Oh, and Tebow would stink it up even worse up here, but I'd be interested to see how he does (on a different team, I think).

Worst... idea... EVER!

I would prefer for my team to be respected for what they do on the field and in the community. I would rather not have the circus sideshow that would surround Tebow especially if it was obvious that he was not here to contribute to the football product on the field first.

Any player should be on this team for his contributions on the field first and in the community second, never the other way around IMO.

I completely fail to understand why such a mediocre (at best) quarterback gets so much ink. . .

I think you've had a long sip of the kool-aid. Tebow would help to sell tix---until he had to play. But if a team is looking for a QB to build its offence around, I have major reservations about Tebow being the guy.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think it's got something to do with the "Born Again Christian" thing. :roll: don't get me wrong...I have no problem with guys showing there "faith" with small gestures, but some of the stuff...ie "The TE-BOW" is just "over the top".

And to the author of this thread...as for asking the Caretaker to look into getting Tebow here....what part of "he is Montreal's CFL signing rights"...AND..."Caretaker is not the coach and GM", don't you understand? :roll:

I hope everyone realizes that the same anti-CFL attitude that annoys so many of us is the EXACT same attitude we give to fringe NFL QB's by automatically stating "They wont make it here" "They dont have the arm stregnth" etc.

The guy is a winner. He LED a team to the exact same spot as Peyton Manning led the exact same team a year later. In fact, i dont think Peyton even actually WON a playoff game last year. He went 7-4 and found a way to get his team into the playoffs.

We dont have a clue how TT would do in the CFL, ZERO idea. To discount him and say he has no chance is foolish, he would have the same chance any other CFL backup has, and I would argue that his will to win and put his teammates first would be welcomed by a CFL team.

Im not saying switch mid season from Hank, but I would have no problem giving him a shot. He can't be worse than Quinton Porter.

The OP touched on him being on Montreal's neg list, and suggested that his rights could be acquired from them for very little. And that could be, given Popp's recent comments.

And with Tebow, the decision to bring him in would be more of a marketing move than a football move. As a ticket and interest generator, he'd be an almost guaranteed asset. As a quarterback, not so much. So I could see Caretaker, or at least someone on the executive team, being intrigued by the idea. But I can't see Austin wanting to bring him in. Better to bring in young quarterbacks who look like they could become great rather than one with the baggage (media frenzy) and questionable skill that Tebow has. Not to mention the higher-than-a-rookie (understatement) salary he'd be looking for.

Let the B.B.'s sign him.....considering they don't have a prayer this season.....maybe they could flood IGF and see if Tebow can walk on water and give them divine intervention. :roll:

You mean like winning a Grey Cup and signing the best QB in the CFL??

It didn't work in Toronto

This is just another goofy thread.

Where the heck would the money come from and not totally screw up the salary cap?


That is all....

Pretty much sums it up.

What I would like to see is a tebow ban on this board and every other board in the universe. I am so sick and tired of hearing about tebow. The guy is useless and he is not coming here.

I have always like Tebow. He has won at every level he has played at so there has to be some skill there. He is a well spoken, clean cut, good looking, good image and class act sort of guy. Teams have given many players with less skill and a worse rep sheet a chance. I see no harm in giving the guy a shot if it so presented itself. In fact I see him as a breathe of fresh air in the NFL which seems to have a lot of criminals these days. If there is one thing about him you know he will come in shape, ready to win and play. Not sure why people think he is useless when they always want teams to consider a CIS QB for the roster. Lets be honest there isn't a QB in the CIS that could remotely compete with Tebow.

It's a shame, the media has robbed Tebow of many job opportunities because wherever he goes, the herd follows, and they are loud about it.

Tebow isn't as bad as he is made out to be, and I will remember that 2012 Bronco season forever. It was truly magical.

Disclaimer: I know Tebow is no Calvillo or Brady...but I am sick of people making it out to seem like he was a Ryan Leaf. He isn't great, but for some teams you don't need great at QB, just a winner.