Why The Cap On Enthusiasm In Here Now Sully!?

Sully, why is there now a new low daily limit on likes? Are we having problems with bots here? C'mon now I can't be here everyday and I have a lot of catching up to do after two weeks.

I have noticed many commenters with a disproportionately high number of great comments lately unlike much of last year with the gloom over us, so why put a low cap on the enthusiasm here especially after all the ordeal at hand?

We are not talking the mere cheap corporate praise of schmaltz here but solid, enlightened or perhaps even somewhat shallow, commentary!

Easy fix or your thoughts?

I didn't know there was a cap! I'll try to find where that setting is...


Thank you. Well the cap is still there and way too low, for I am handing out fewer likes this week because I have not been away as much.

Now I am getting warned for "too much love" and "the love runs out on you Paolo" and the like creepy statements. :roll_eyes:

Whoever created this feature, perhaps concerned about bots akin to other social media, had a cold, cold heart and bad things should happen to him too.

I save the "love" only for the deserving and am not "out" as alleged.

Anyway, hopefully this is an easy fix because it's a stupid feature and we need all the enthusiasm we can muster here like everywhere these days you know Sully.

Ah well I figure now either this is very low priority or hard to tweak for an easy fix. What an odd and annoying "feature."

It's not like every like is worth gold or somebody gets a royalty for every like they get and there is an army of bots out there who are scamming the system.

Whatever developer created this cap on enthusiasm is a plague upon humanity.

Well thank you Sully for changing the setting to only so many likes every 12 hours instead of every 24 hours. I don't get why there is a setting at all on time. Why not just put a hard limit of like 200, which would be difficult to achieve.

You do realize that Sully has retired from his position here and is just accommodating you out of the goodness of his heart, as he waits for that speedy CFL braintrust to replace him? Give the guy a break and maybe not complain about micky mouse details that would require his unwanted need to respond and act.

Point taken but it was a compliment. He did improve it though and obviously retains some sort of ominous and mysterious and secret powers. I'm told they are forbidden to discuss at length, so now I will go hide somewhere.

@Sully I found out that the daily limit on likes is 50.

They gave me the "Beyonce Badge" aka "Crazy In Love" with this strange badging system that came with this app.

About every other day now even with all the uncertainty, there are way more than 50 likable posts from excellent commenters as are most left here any more.

Anyway, the limit ought to be 100.