Why the Argos will win the GC

The Argos will win because I think that going with Williams as a fullback and Avery as a tailback, assuming both stay healthy, will be a combination that teams will not be able to handle, they will have to play it tighter up the middle now and therefore more passing lanes for Allen over the middle. I also think you will see this employed more in the future by all CFL teams after the Argos show the success they will have with it.

True, but the Eskimos almost came back to beat them last week Earl. It might be able to work the Argos, but I hardly think it is a GC winning formula. Championships are won with a good D, and the Argos have a very good one. BC also has a good defence, and very underrated. Saskatchewan's defence, when it shows up to play, might take them there as well.

True enough Sambo, the d is more important than any offensive strategy, I think you are saying this. Argos defence is still excellent, not as good as a few years ago, but the strategy of letting the other team run for a fair number of yards but concentrating more on pass defence is excellent.

The GREY CUP winner is any one guess as usual in the CFL. I would say that B.C. is the favourite to win it , at this point.

...A LITTLE OFF TOPIC.....is it true????...according to some in the media....that Williams is thinking of staying in T.O.....cuz he likes the place....or would it even be possible ...realizing he is still property of the miami dolphins...I wonder if they would give him a release...and furthur to that ...could the Argos even afford him....???? :roll:

Talk to me when Williams has a 100 yard game!

All Williams needs to do is smoke a couple of joints, and he can stay in Toronto as long as he wants.

ricky has said something along the lines of, he wants to go back to the NFL and finish his contractual obligations there, then return to the CFL's argos, where he can teach yoga after the games, and walk the streets without being recognized. and something about CFL fans being better than NFL fans, cuz they're there for the game, NFL fans are there for the party / hype.

Great. He's going to stay and embarrass the league even longer.

He is only embarrassing himself

Back on topic I think you have to watch the Argos try this on a team that is actually good, and not Edmonton, before you make that assessment.

This is how I rank the league and teams chances of winning the Grey Cup. Take it for what you want.


With Toroto's defence they will always be in the hunt, especially with the upheaval in the East. But let me know when this two headed monster of a running attack emerages, so far I just don't see it. The Lion's defence is the best they have had since the Don Matthews years, maybe better. On a side note I love what Joe Smith has done with limited touches this year. Wait till the weather gets bad on the Leo and they will be forced to grind it out and I think you will see a coming out party for Joe and that cocky Offensive line.