Why the 2011 season is over

I'll say it, because I believe it: the Alouettes' 2011 season is over. Calvillo will also retire when it ends. Calvillo changed, after he was knocked out in the game in Edmonton. He suffered a brutal hit that knocked him unconscious for about 20 seconds or more. It could have been worse... This is when his play started going downhill.

With all of the personal hardships he has faced, notably his cancer, and that of his wife, he realizes there is more to life than completing passes and getting hit by giant men. I think that hit changed him. I believe he is no longer willing and able to take risks with his health. I can't blame him. I even understand, because there is more to life than football.

He has 3 Grey Cup wins, has been MOP 3 times, and has all of the major career CFL records for a QB. He has nothing left to prove, or accomplish. I think he knows that. There is no point for him to keep playing a dangerous game. The hit and knockout in Edmonton convinced him of that.

That is why the season is over. Not only is Calvillo unable/willing to play and take risks, his teammates are not willing to take risks either. Calvillo is their leader. If the leader is not playing 100% and taking risks, the other players certainly will not play their hearts out and take risks either. The flame, the passion for the game in Calvillo is gone. It has an effect on the whole team and the coaches. I don't say this to denigrate Calvillo. It happens to every athlete, even the great ones. It is just a sad thing to see.

It certainly explains what we saw against the BC Lions.

A lot of good points. I think he folded in the Winnipeg game personaly. What's happened here is that he no longer has the endurance mentaly and physicaly to handle an 18 game season. The ability is still there and he could play a big role for another couple seasons but not for 18 games. I am hoping he will find the strenght to grind it out, this way if he decides to hang it up it will be on a good note and maybe he and his coach can find a way for him to split the job with Adrian for a year or two. Help the team transition. He obviously can still play but he can't carry a team for 18 seasons, especialy when circumstances are the way they have gone this season.

If you look at the first three games, it was MOP Calvillo, dominating... then things were up and down, some good games some tough games, then came the Edmonton game, that had an impact, came back grinding it out then came the Winnipeg game and things have unraveled since. The last six games you can pretty much graph a line straight down.

He may not see it right now but he would be missing a really fun opportunity if he decided that he does not want to help Adrian transition the team. He could enjoy playing a couple seasons without the pressure of having to carry the team.

They say football loves no one, it loved Calvillo...Even saved his life.

Good post, Gabe.

Sadly, the Als are in a funk and the injury situation is getting worse. You have to have your best players and they have to play their best in order to win. We have too many talented players on the IRL. A W on Sunday would be nothing short of a miracle at this point IMO.

You are taught as a player to have "short-sightedness" when it comes to seasonal play. No matter what you did the previous week, a great win or a terrible loss, you have to learn to focus on the weaknesses, practise new and innovative techniques/schemes, and prepare for the next game. Seasoned veterans have experience of coming off a few losses and have the ability to put all that behind them and prepare for next week's game; this is more difficutl with new players. I didn't watch the game or the replays, but I did see a few clips of players with their heads down (understandably). The only real issue now is the will to win. Is it still there? Can the players rally one (last?) time? There is also one more potential foe to extending their season - the crowd (which will probably be less than expected)! If they start doing some of the same things we have seen, the "boo birds" will start chirping and the season may not only be over, but over "ugly".

Trestman will really have no choice but to pull AC early if he starts doing what he has been doing the last three weeks. Is AD ready to go? I sincerely hope that they practise for that contingency.

Last thought. As the AC era appears to be winding down (it was inevitable that it would happen sooner or later), I hope that he has just enough gas left in his tank to inspire some confidence from his players for at least one more game. Who knows? A couple of quick scores and... As a fan, I always want my team to win. As an individual with his feet firmly planted in reality, I can see what everyone else is seeing. So, I will close in saying that I still hope for a win and for my Als to continue their season.

Go Als go!!!

Are you sure that the 2011 season is over? I think that we have at least 1 more game.

You have to look at the positive side; hence,if we lose next sunday,we will pick 3rd in 2012 CFL draft,compared to 8th for the past 2 CFL drafts; I know,BC has our choice in round 1,but we will have the 3rd choice in round 2. Not all negative.


J'avais exprimé plus tôt cette saison que Calvillo semblait fatigué et qu'il pourrait être à propos de le reposer pour une partie ou deux. Les deux dernières saisons, il a été blessé et ça l'a forcé à prendre une pause dans ses saisons. Après ça, Calvillo est revenu en force. Il n'a pas eu ni pris ce repos cette saison et on voit le résultat. Sa course aux records et les coups durs qu'il a encaissés l'ont vidé.

Mais il ne faut pas tout mettre sur les épaules de Calvillo. Ses receveurs l'ont souvent laissé tomber aussi. Watkins a eu une saison horrible. Bratton, Green et Richardson ont échappé quelques passes qui auraient pu faire une différence, et les unités spéciales ont rarement permis à l'attaque de bénéficier d'une bonne position sur le terrain. Quand à la défensive, il y a plusieurs parties où elle n'a pas su fermer la porte en fin de match.

Cela dit, la deuxième saison ne fait que commencer et à ce stade-ci, les Alouettes ont les mêmes chances que n'importe quelle équipe. Quoiqu'il arrive dimanche, je vais continuer d'applaudir les Alouettes, parce que toute autre équipe qu'eux n'aurait pas été dans la course au premier rang jusqu'à la dernière partie avec toutes les blessures qui sont survenues. Mettez Brown, Estelle et Boulay dans le champ arrière toute la saison, et on ne serait peut-être même pas là à palabrer sur le sort de cette saison.

En terminant, à la fin de la saison 2007, pratiquement tout le monde disait que Calvillo était fini. Je ne crois pas qu'il le soit, mais peut-être que son nouvel état de santé ne lui permet effectivement plus de jouer 18 parties par saisons. Accepterait-il un rôle moindre pour laisser plus de place à McPherson? Le moment pourrait bien être venu.

At least some of us are staying positive. As long as we're still in the playoffs, I won't lose faith that we can win. And y'know what, I won't be upset even if we don't. It was a great season of football.

Watkins a eu une saison horrible.
Oui, mais il etait sur le I.R. pour 9 matches.
Mettez Brown, Estelle et Boulay dans le champ arrière toute la saison, et on ne serait peut-être même pas là à palabrer sur le sort de cette saison.
Sur et certain !

Our season isn’t over yet. Until we’re bounced from the playoffs, I’ll continue to believe in Anthony and in the team.

Kudos for your insight in spotting Calvillo's "fatigue"
I must say it never occurred to me that his decline might be so rapid...however.

I'd like to point out that while all of this may be true
I doubt AC himself is aware of it...or that it's in any way "conscious"
The membrane between "dominant and competitive" and "timid and passionless" can be razor thin
Despite his increased self-awareness and personal growth over the years
I'm sure AC is no more aware of his conflicted motivations
Than he was of that oft-perceived "Grey Cup choke mechanism".
We're often the last to know

I wish it were that simple
The more I think about it, the more I realize that carrying 2 quarterbacks is impractical in this salary-cap era
To top it off...the Alouettes are going to have to go in for some serious "re-tooling" for next year
If they want to give McPherson a solid chance of success
(assuming AC retires)
There are several positions that are screaming for new blood
A new quarterback and a new offense will require a new cast of characters
And that juicy Calvillo salary could be just the salve to soothe those aching gaps

I find myself a little "conflicted" over this one.
Suddenly there's more than one game to consider
Or even the fate of this season
We all remember the playoff debacle against Toronto a few years back
Calvillo out and a totally unprepared Ted White was the sacrificial lamb
It's pretty rough blaming any backup quarterback in the Calvillo era
Considering the total lack of playing time

Is McPherson prepared?
To start a game in the CFL....yes...certainly!
To start a season and grow with experience and through adversity?
I'm confident he'll be great.
To be thrown into the boiling cauldron of CFL playoff game...
With a minimum of experience, playing time and 1st string practice time...
What do you think?

I never liked Chris Leak
And from the lambasting Ed Philion gave him that horrible start (against the Lions?)
It seems the feeling was shared by many
But his fall from grace was unfair...to say the least.
Asking a 3rd string QB to step in and win
When he'd barely (never?) thrown a pass in the CFL was nonsense
Arming the opposition with the fore-knowledge of a truncated playbook
Was alarmingly stupid

I'd hate to think that another promising young quarterback would be sacrificed in such a way
Ted White-washed...as it were
Hopefully...what little chance AD has had to impress would mitigate some of the damage
But who knows?
While I'd love to see AD come in and dominate
Take us to the Cup
Part of me thinks the Alouettes and AC have made their bed
And they should do the honourable thing and sleep in it...

That's it!
We should all go down swinging

Go Als!
See y'all at the Big Owe

Good post.

The East is wide open, the GC is another matter. If the Als beat both Hamilton and Winnipeg and have a shot at the GC it would be a hell of an accomplishment considering all the adversity that hit our team this year.

C'est l'automne. Les feuilles sont tombées des autres arbres mais les ifs ont toujours toutes leurs couleurs. Ils sont toujours aussi vivants que cet été.

Les ifs peuvent faire tout basculer. Pour les Alouettes ou contre les Alouettes, les ifs peuvent déterminer cruellement le sort d'une équipe. Baggs se tord le pied et soudainement, les Timinous cessent de rugir. Richardson se fait sonner et soudainement les Alouettes n'ont plus de joueurs pour faire les gros jeux.

Ce que je retiens, c'est que les ifs peuvent aussi nous faire gagner.