Why Ted Rogers Makes Me Shake My Head

Well I don't care much for Ted Rogers because of political ideologies. However, keep in mind that he owns the Rogers Centre as well as Sportsnet. The Jays are tremendous asset to his organization.

The Jays may lose money as a team but he might make it back on concession revenues and television revenues. Of course ONE of these three things HAS to lose money so the others prosper!

As for what he is paying Wells, bear in mind that Rogers sets the payroll budget and JP Riccardi is the one who makes the contracts. Ted Rogers might be calling up ol JP and asking him what the **** are you doing!!!

From what I understand, Rogers offered the Argos free rent in order to keep the team in the Centre. The Argos were going to go in for a stadium in partnership with the MLS.

I think that if the Argos' current owner wanted to sell then Rogers would probably pick it up for a song. It would make sense for him then.

They pay the pitcher the big bucks for the same reason they pay QB's the big bucks. Even though they are team sports those are the 2 most important positions. With out them you wont win.

It really is hard to believe all the money they threw Wells way. It is however Rogers money and he can do with it as he pleases. With all that dough, I am surprised he didnt buy the Argonauts a few years back. I can remember when everyone complained about the million dollar spoiled athletes at times like these in the past. Yet these same complainers won't go to a CFL game, which is everything they so call "wanted", but don't know it.