Why Ted Rogers Makes Me Shake My Head

I always wonder why big corporations like Rogers are blowing their brains out on a sport like baseball. Losing millions in the process. While seeing interest in the sport decreasing each year regardless of what he does.

When they could have invested in a more popular truly national league like the CFL, for 1/20 of the cost, and at worst lose 1/20 of what they will on baseball. And have a chance with the salary cap and new TV deal and a winning team to make some money?

Like for what Rogers wants to pay Vernon Wells, he could have built a nice CFL stadium in the city of his choice, and put his own team in that stadium. He'd be gauranteed a team in a popular Canadian league, with good TV ratings, and the ability to have his company name advertised all across Canada.

Obviously Paul Godfrey suckered Rogers into buying the Jays, because Rogers was the Jays last chance for staying in Toronot. And its obvious to me Godfrey is the one prodding Rogers into spending all this money.

But the thing is Rogers will never make this money back. He's going to lose millions. Yet if he wanted exposure for his company across Canada, he could have spent waaay less on a CFL team, and gotten way better bang for his buck.

Rogers may not cable, but he don't know sports. Why our big Canadian corporations would rather try to blow their brains out on these American sports than invest in popular Canadian leagues is something I'll never understand.

Well, look at the Expos, MLB had and maybe is still having? a difficult time finding anyone to buy the team. Does MLB still run the team in Washington? And Buffalo built a beautiful AAA stadium and was clamouring for a MLB team up until some years ago when they realized no thanks.
Rogers is in deep with the Jays and probably couldn't find anyone to buy them for what they want - so they are stuck with them and they know it. They have to make the best of it now with them and promote baseball for all they can I think, and now they really have to pay a guy or someone like Wells all this money or else they too will fall the way of the Expos where people looked at them as never being able to contend for a championship. My outlook on this anyway.

It Huge Tax Right off for Rogers INC.
Everyone who has money has one of these..

Ok, I'm not the brightest guy in the world I admit when it comes to business stuff. How does it work for someone who owns a sports team to do this tax right off stuff? Easy speak please, no biz man here.

tax right-off???

It may just be that Ted Rogers himself likes baseball, and wants to be the owner of a World Series winning team....

Or, he has some evil, CFL killing ulterior motive....

But it's probably one of those two options.

Rogers likes baseball? I think he overestimated interest in baseball. Godfrey probably told him all he has to do is field a winner and the fans will show up like in 1993. Thing is it'll never be like that again. I think what he's doing is a giant waste of money.

And as far as the losses being a write off? Losses are still losses, despite what you call them. And if anybody follows the stock market, the minute Rogers announces the Jays are for sale, watch its stock price take off.

Because face facts. They're a huge drag on his business. A major mistake by Mr. Rogers

I can never figure out the Big Bucks paid to pitchers. They only play every third or forth game and maybe last 4 or 5 innings.

Sure, a tax-write off. Invest personal or corporate money into a business that loses money, and every dollar invested is taken 1 to 1 off your taxable income.

Write off or not, he is still going to drop millions in real dollars. I just don't get why anybody would blow out their brains investing in baseball, when a CfL franchise offers much more of an upside at a much cheaper cost? Maybe because it makes too much sense?

He's, Ted Rogers, just a baseball freak who happens to be loaded to the kilts personally - maybe worth at least 2 billion? - so he can afford to have some fun with a MLB team as a hobby and not look at it as the wisest investment. He isn't out to kill the CFL or anything purposely.

Earl: I don't think he's spending this money for fun. I think a one Mr. Paul Godfrey is pulling the strings. Because you know how much Paul Godfrey loves to spend other peoples money.

But I'm just saying too bad our big corporations wouldn't invest in Canada more. The Habs and Sens were there for the taking, as our CFL franchises, yet no big Canadian corporations step up?

And baseball is his hobby? Too bad his hobby is a sport that few in Canada cares about anymore.

No its every dollar lost that comes off your taxable income.
It does not mean its a dollar saved off your tax bill!

In addition to the tax write off, the Jays are TV fill for Sportsnet.

I'd like to think that a person like Ted Rogers made his fortune by being smart in the business world and not listening to the little ear biting gnat types like godfrey. Because if he spent all his time listening to the gnats.....he'd have no money. MHO.

yep, I'm sure Ted is wringing his hands over the Jays purchase. Billionaires don't become billionaires by giving away money or investing in losing propositions...And the Jays are a BIG loser. I bet he would love to dump them, but he made a public committment to back them despite them being a money sinkhole. At least he can still get a few jabs in at the Argos and CFL to make his position of power worthwhile...

Well , if he doesn’t slow down he will be broke soon , but they can still afford an extra 2 billion dollars for the NFL :oops: :lol: :roll:

" WHAT , how much do NFL players get paid? "


Rogers announced a few weeks ago he wants nothing to do with an NFL franchise in Toronto. He called it a "pie in the sky" type thing because of the money involved.

Yet he can get a team in a league more popular with a large fan base than baseball or the NFL, for 1/20th of the cost.

Its called the CFL. But noone is biting. They'd rather blow millions on a losing cause like baseball and the NBA? I still don't get it.

Yes, and for the money he is paying Vernon Wells he could buy a team, the TV rights for the entire league (for which SportsNet would make tons of money) and still have tons of money left over. Weird. I guess that's what egomaniacs do.

I don't see the problem here. Ted Rogers enjoys baseball, and has ridiculous amounts of money. Let him sink all the money he wants into baseball if thats what he likes.

Say one of us stumbled upon billions of dollars, and we bought a CFL team. Then the Blue Jays started struggling. Would you spend your money on the Jays, even if you didn't like baseball, and thought it was too hard to make a profit? Probably not. Then why is Rogers such a jerk for not purchasing a team in a league that plays a sport he doesnt really like, and where it is VERY difficult to make money.