Why Sunday, why why why

They pretty much stay away from sunday thru the reg season. Why do they have to do playoffs on sunday?

I know the CFL games are more important, but there are so many NFL games on tomorrow that I also want to watch. Frustrating

On top of that, the one NFL game that has no CFL conflict is the game I am least interested in, sighh


Randy tried to tell people playoff games on Saturday were a good idea in 2020. Then the crap hit the fan. Things will change eventually, it always does.

seems to be a possible conflict in some people's thinking.

Forget tradition, lets go to single division

Lets keep playoffs on Sunday because, well, tradition


Hey Im all for Saturday playoffs. And Grey Cup for that matter.


I want more Sundays not less .

F the NFL and all that BS .



Somebody asked Ambrosie why there wasn’t more Sunday games during the regular season. Basically he claimed it would be too tough on the players. Funny that it doesn’t stop the league from having games on Monday :thinking: (keeping in mind that one of the regular season games was on Sunday due to illness).

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All those amazing fans coming from far and wide to party hearty deserve a day to recover after the match. Getting in a sardine can (airplane) right after the final whistle to head back home and go to work the next day is a %#@!!! pain.

Saturday's the day to get the ball rolling. Live it up big time all day long and sleep in the next morning. Maybe take in the host city or watch some NFL in your PJ's before heading home.


I'd like more Sunday afternoon games during the regular season, but I'd prefer Saturdays for the playoffs and Grey Cup. Maybe we could convince USports to shift to Sundays for their playoffs.


I’m for whatever makes the league the most amount of money. If Saturday playoffs does that then I don’t object to it.


The Fog Bowl created the first opportunity for the league to see how part of a Grey Cup game fared on a Sunday, but they didn't try it on purpose until 1969. In 1970, it was back to Saturday for one last time.
I feel that the playoffs and the Cup should be played on Saturdays for a few years to see if the TV audience goes up. In the 60s, Grey Cup house parties in the afternoon were a big deal where I lived. And everybody seemed to have their patriotism jacked up that day because it was the uniquely Canadian championship.
It's already been mentioned in this thread that Sundays are good days to nurse a hangover. And for the very young fans who the CFL is trying to attract, Sunday is not a school day. As well for the +19 but still young to me crowd, a Saturday Grey Cup house party could be a good warmup for their night out at the clubs.
Lastly, it's undeniable that a lot of Canadians religiously watch the NFL and are only CFL watchers when there's nothing much else on. We maybe don't understand them on these forums but they're all around us.


Grey Cup on Thanksgiving Sunday works for me too.


Unlike you, I like the cold, and think football is a winter game as much as a fall one.

But we've had this dance before and agreed to disagree, so I won't bother with a redux.

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If the game was on Saturday I'd have been in Montreal to watch it live.

Sunday is too close to work day monday morning, lol.

I'd have preferred Saturday, but will gladly watch the two CFL games today.

I may watch the west game. Most likely I'll be flipping between CFL and NFL, and settle on the more entertaining game.

Any hint of a 3rd quarter booth interview, and I'm goooooone!


Years ago...CBC would have the ESF on Saturday and the WSF on Sunday
The following week they had the WF on Saturday and the EF on Sunday

Its the best way....I am going to miss half the WSF because I am traveling home....BC fans miss half the ESF because they are traveling to the game


The last week of the season was kind of meaningless and I’m used to Friday and Saturday games so it seems like it’s been a really long time since we’ve had football.

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I've been having that same feeling, like it's been ages.

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while I'm far from anti-NFL, and watch enough games (my wife loves the NFL), there isn't a week 9 NFL game that would take precedence over a CFL playoff game.


That used to be the case for me. In fact I was quite adamant about it. My interest has been shifting for a few years now.