Why Such A Hate-On For This Team?

Okay, I have made a few posts in other threads but I want to make this point clear to everyone.


The reason why so many people are upset and wanting to cheer for Calgary at the last home game is because we just got blown out.

Let's take a look. We have NOT been in 3 games all year. That means that we have been competitive for 10 games this year. 10 games!

How many games were we in in the last 2 years? Not many!

I heard fans all the time on here and walking back to my car after the games saying that they just want a competitive team.


We still have problems, o and d line BUT we are getting what we asked for, a competitive team.

I think the problem is that we don't want just a competitive team but a team that also wins.

Unfortunately the wins haven't come this year but the team is headed in the right direction.

So please, before we ask for wholesale changes again lets look at the season now (2-11, 3 blowout losses, 10 close competitive games) and then again after the next 5 games to look at the whole season.

I can't wait until we actually do get in the playoffs again and turn some heads, it will happen. Look at the Bills resurgence after years and years of not getting in the playoffs. Well, they're not in yet but things are looking good for them. The Cats will eventually turn the corner also. :thup:

Despite having 2 fewer wins than the Argos, I really think the 'Cats have played better than them this year. Regarding getting blown out in B.C. Saturday night, well, join the club..I mean look at the history of teams in the Eastern time zone who go to Vancouver every year & lose.

For what it is worth, Hamilton is not the worst team in the league this year...

The guys on the TSN panel said the same thing on the weekend.

They are a better team than they have been in recent memory but they are also still not good enough. They are better than the Argos with more upside (but that's not saying very much). They are not entertaining and are usually downright boring.

Actually, I don't think there's a hate-on for the team. I'd call it apathy at this point. Are there many fans out there who could care less that there are only 2 more home games this season?

An Argo-Cat fan

I can honestly say I was unaware of the TSN panel comments...:slight_smile:

Competative, com-shmetitive.

As Charlie the Tuna used to say: "I don't want tuna with good taste; I want Tuna that tastes good".

Being competitive is 'good taste'. I'm tired of good taste. I want footbal in Hamilton to taste good.

And it hasn't tasted very good in many years now.

My gosh - how can you talk about being competative? Giving up 10 sacks a game is NOT competative.
I remember, even in the worst Hamilton teams of the past, when Tom Clements and Mike Kerrigan were running for their lives - the MOST sacks we would give up in any game was 4 or 5; NEVER 8, or 10.
So, don't talk to me about being competative, 'cause clearly we aren't even in the same ballpark.
And dropping 2 or 3 potential TDs in the end-zone is not very competative either.
Change the station, please....

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I agree, this was a rebuilding year, obviously you don't replace over half the roster with rookies and expect to win the Grey Cup. The young guys brought in can compete, which is the diference from when Marcel was here, the team Marcel assembled was being destroyed each week with a bunch of rookies who had no potential.

Next year we'll have fewer holes to fill and 2 key injured players returning plus 2 high draft picks, then we should be able to win those close games if we can get a pass rushing specialist and add one or two more vets to the lineup. The good news is there is no need to blow up the entire team like what was needed this offseason.

It's ridiculous that people blame Obbie, if we don't field a playoff team next year then blame him.

I couldn't agree more ... this IS a competitive team! Yes we were blown out by the Lions but we HAVE been competitive.

As for saying the games have been boring ... OMG ... we've been in the race for a WIN in the last minute of at least 4 games ... THAT'S FAR FROM BORING!

Don't get me wrong, I like a team to win, but I want ENTERTAINING football ... and that's what I've gotten (aside from the blow out games). I'm certain too that losing hurts more for the guys ON the team than for the fans watching. Don't forget, it's their JOB.

This team is young but getting better. There are still problems but it's getting better.

Oh ... and WE ARE BETTER than the Argos! TSN panel said that quite clearly Sat night ... and altho' they may have had a higher score than us ... they didn't score ANYTHING in the 2nd half ... we did.