Why Stamps Beat the Riders

Its odd that when their team loses fans jump on their team for losing the game. Someone is to blame.

Maybe the other team is better. In this case Calgary is a better team.

Better QB
Better running attack
More explosive receivers. Could debate this
Better defense
Coaches generally are better when they have better players.

But just a better, more well rounded squad. Riders are good, they CAN beat Calgary. But …every year someone rises to the top.

sometimes a win is just a win. Today the stamps where better and won - there is nothing more to it. Sure the riders blew it but one could argue they did their best - just the Stamps where able to shut them down. Today the Stamps as a team where the better team. Lets start 5 more threads on this issue please

I think the Stamps won because they scored more points than the Riders. :cowboy:

hahahaha…great replies.


I’ll start a new one .

Browner shutting down Fantuz helped.

I really feel the two teams are too close to call as to who is better. Today the stamps were better. But only by maybe... Two passes? Go back a year or so in stats and the riders are better. One thing is for sure... When they play it's a great game.


This game was won on the lines, Calgary’s O-line kept Burris on his feet, and opened holes for a great two headed running attack. Meanwhile Saskatchewan’s O-line allowed quite a few hits on Durant, and opened few holes for our running attack. Calgary was getting pressure with a 3 man rush fairly consistently. Preventing Durant time to go through his reads and find an open guy.

Kudos to Calgary.

I hope we meet again soon.

Sask lost their two best pass rushers in the offseason. I believe that loss has hurt their front four more than they’d care to admit. Also, Calgary ran the ball down the Riders’ throat because they understand how and when to attack those crazy Etch stunts. Durant & co.'s inability to sustain drives in the second half also gassed their defense. Calgary had the ball for something like 11 of 15 minutes in the third quarter. That must be brutal for the defense.

All that said, I agree that Calgary is essentially the better team.

IMO the Stamps were able to make some game changes when they were down 14 - 0 and at half time while the Riders did not make any changes at half time. That is one things the Stamps have done since Wally B and now Huff - to make changes at half time and be a better 3rd and 4th quarter team

That’s pretty much how I see it as well. Early in the game, as the Riders opened up that 14-0 lead, I thought they were playing with far more intensity and that if they kept that up and Calgary couldn’t respond then the Riders would run away with it. Calgary did in fact respond, and the game changed.

Calgarys offense made some good half time adjustments. They saw a weakness with Morgan going down, and also saw some weakness on in the Saskatchewan front 7. If our defense was indeed gassed they did it to themselves. A 7 minute scoring drive to open up the second half, and other long drives were the difference maker. Once again our offensive line could not keep Durant on his feet. It will be interesting to see how the Riders will respond if they get another shot at Calgary in the western final.

We didnt show up for the 3rd quarter.. The Stamps did.. that sucked.. should be a great western final, which will be played in Calgary.. Hope we show up then.

At this point Calgary is definitely the better team. The Riders have the ability to beat them on any given day but this game was not very good all around. If it weren't for the big play they would not have been close. For now they have to forget about Calgary and concentrate on getting better or they won't see them again this year.

Because the riders sucked more

but not as much as our lions suck, in fact, no comparison the riders are a decent team capable of winning the Grey Cup. our lions are not capable of winning a game vs. a srs. home. So keep a lid on your comments or you will look silly.

Riders did not play well after first 7 minutes. Don't forget that the Riders were pushing right until the end. They did not play for 60 minutes. Calgary showed a lot of our weaknesses, hopefully our coaches can respond. Ethcy has to go to a more traditional defense adainst the run. Berry needs some vision, which he hasn't shown all season. Daly is brutal, Edm take him back please!

too late.

no surprise at all though. He is nothing if not consistent.