Why so quiet???

Although we were on the verge of our first win of the seasoon I felt the crowd was awefully quiet when Winnipeg's offence was on the field. Maybe it was just where I was sitting (sec. 5) but there were people in my section that were just sitting on their hands. Now I know most people that post here understand football and understand what a home field advantage is, but when our defense is on the field we have to get loud! And I mean really loud! I kept trying to encourage the fans in my section by to no avail. Lets build on this great win and LETS GET LOUD!!!!!

Quiet? That stadium was anything but quiet last night. Considering people could hear us singing, and my ears were ringing at during some of Winnipeg's offensive possesions, I got the feeling the stadium was electric. I know I couldn't talk by the end of the night, that was the best atmosphere I've seen at Ivor Wynne in a long time.

I couldn't hear a thing because of the idiot who thad the can of compressed air and was shooting it off the behind me. The entire time the ref was speaking on that fumble challenge I had no idea what he was saying because the clown was shooting that stupid thing off. I was not impressed.

I thought the crowd really got into it and made lots of noise to throw the bombers off, especially after the Anderson ejection.

From what I could glean from watching the TSN broadcast last night, the fans were loud throughout the evening.

Keep in mind that beyond the fact that the team have often laid eggs at home -- an instant crowd-killer -- it has taken a lot of public complaints about the canned P.A. noise and general Jason Farr overkill over the past few seasons to finally get a balance that allows fans to collectively make noise on a spontaneous basis.

I am sure that more can be done, but there is definitely improvement. Old Civic can be the most intimidating park for visiting teams to play in if that culture of fan ferocity is cultivated again.

Oski Wee Wee,

Dare I say that even Jason Farr was much improved last night??

I almost thought as fans we had forgotten to cheer our cats on ,remember we haven,t had much to cheer about but now i will think it will be much louder next game

Absolutely true. He let the TEAM's effort on the field do most of the talking.

A good P.A. announcer sets a tone, he doesn't go monster truck-shill ape in lieu of the fan noise he's pressed right back a couple of feet on the benches by sheer overkill.

Oski Wee Wee,

Farr was definitely much improved last night. Hope he reads this post before Labour Day and doesn’t return to his old form

Again it was probably where I was sitting but I've heard the crowd a IWS way louder then it was last night. Maybe it was loud behind the bench but if you're going to go to game support the team. It shouldn't take an ejection to get people on their feet. That Defense played great again last night.

was average but had it’s moments the “jessie,jessie” chant was pretty cool.

do we need to bring back the "WHY ARE YOU SO QUIET"?

I was going to start a thread about this very thing. Kudos to him for sounding more professional. I actually think he would fit in announcing an NBA game.

I was amazed at how professional he sounded and I really only heard one mistake from him. It was actually easy to listen to him and I didn't roll my eyes once. :wink:

The crowd was loud where I sat.

Watching this game on TV, I was pretty proud of how loud the crowd was. Sounded really good.

I especially like the crowd calling for that video challenge, and ripping into the refs after the ejection...well done!

Now if he would only lose the "Rumblin Bumblin Lumsden" he'd be adequate.

Hehe I hate that too, but I don't remember him using it nearly as often last night.

He only had 12 carries :slight_smile:

I definitely lost my voice. I thought the crowd was good. I've definitely heard louder but the crowd was loud.