Why So Quiet Riders

What do ya mean?

what do you mean, if saskatchewan got one of our QB that they be better??? if they got Michina, they be better but that’s not happening cuz he likely going to be geln’s back up.

I mean youve got Glenn who was Greene’s back up in sk. You said Sk doesn’t have a good QB and I said Glenn used to be our back up to Greene.
Besides, what has Glenn done to prove anything?

Hm, but Winnipeg is still going to kick ass

we beat the riders when noone else could except BC and that is a fact!

That was LAST year!

On paper Saskatchewan has the edge, but personally, and maybe this is just my naive Bomber optimism talking, but I do feel the Bombers have a good chance of pulling away with one here. For starters, Barrett and Shivers are both arrogant pricks, I saw a clip from a press conference with Barrett and he says something like “How many games did they win last year? (referring to Winnipeg) four? and three were against us. We have to be better against them”.

You see, comments like that indicate just how much the Riders underestimate their Blue rivals to the east. They don’t care about them or acknowledge them, therefore in my mind at least, they don’t take them seriously. They make a bunch of brash, ignorant comments towards us before the game thinking they’re so much better and as history would dictate, they serve up a stinker, just like they did in all three meetings with us last year. Are the Bombers a championship contender? I wouldn’t say so, at least not at this point, but I certainley don’t think they’re a bunch of slack-jawed losers. How can a team boasting the likes of Keith Stokes, Charles Roberts, Scott Regimbald, Doug Brown, Joe Fleming, Milt Stegall (among others) be ranked in the league’s basement? Our D line is a hell of a lot better than it was last year, in fact I’d say we have one of the best D line’s in the league, so your O line better be up to the task. Our secondary is much improved too, look out for our DB’s as well. Bear in mind we were playing with friggin’ reserve receivers at the safety position for the first half of last season. This is an improved Bomber team Rider fans. I should remind you that you were the only team in the league to lose both preseason games. We do have playmakers on this team and we have a plethora of capable quarterbacks lying in wait.

So whoop it up all you like boys, because if you’re looking to taste the savoury sweetness of victory, you may be in for a surprising dose of jagged little pills. GO BLUE!!

Watch Nealon and Kenton pick your defense completely apart,I’d be really surprised if the game is not out of reach by the 4th Quarter,should be a good game anyway,Riders 26-15.

ya it will e pretty good
riders Defense will come up big tonight

and i wouldnt be too suprised if nealon isnt doin too bad either

I would reason that brewbomber doesn’t know what he’s talking about in saying that we underestimate you and that you mean nothing to us. Barret’s comment that we need to be better against them should tell you all you need to know right there. He’s acknowledging that we did underestimate you, but that won’t happen again.

I predict a Riders blowout tonight for the simple fact that everyone seems to forget this is the exact same team that in the pre-season last year, prior to Smilin Bank becoming our starter, was predicted to win the Grey Cup. Burris is gone, but we have had Kenton Keith and Matt Dominguez for a whole training camp for the first time. This leads me to be more optomistic than last year because without either of arguably our best offensive players in the fold, we were supposed to win.

Rider doubters are going to be surprised at the end of the season when the green and white are hosting the West Division final at Taylor Field.

Blue Bombers=GreyCup

I’m gonna mind my tongue here, but keep in mind that your Grey Cup contenders s*** the bed in last season’s home opener against an abysmal Calgary football team. I hope for your sake your team lives up to the hype.

I would say to all you Bomber fans, that special teams alone should signify just how crappy your team is. Add to the fact you could only generate 8 first downs the whole game. I’d say that my team more than lived up to the hype they were getting.

Unless you consider us underestimating you guys and then beating you by 27 a performance that doesn’t live up to the hype.

Kevin Glenn, is terrible. Your defense, is terrible. Your special teams, suck @$$ and you may just have the longest season of any team in the West Division. Congrats on a great start to the year.

Congrats Riderville, as Happy Gilmore would say, you opened up a can of whop ass last night upon my poor unorganized bumblers. But, the season is young and they will get it going sooner or later. Definitely not Glens finest hour but hopefully for us his pride isnt too badly scorched.

What can you say about Holmes, was it 300+ all purpose yards in the game, that is insane, I have not seen a player dominate a game like he did.

Barret had your team ready and fired up and this one was over after the opening kickoff. But I am not going to get down on my team and I hope the rest of the bomber fans wont either.

It really showed after last night.

Piss off! :twisted:

chill. I was just playing around :smiley:

I siad PI$$ OFF, not F#$% off, just to let you know. :wink:

I’m just way passed pi$$ed right now. as you can imangine.

i understand. I went through it 3 times last year.

Riders=Grey Cup, it’s nice to see you can win graciously. Anyways, I’ll call a spade a spade. I wasn’t expecting us to be great off the hop but I certainley wasn’t expecting that. Were abominable. Daley better start cracking the whip because were in dire need of some discipline and intensity. Hopefully Jimmy boy cans this “he’s our guy” crap and sits Glenn out after he’s had his @$$ kicked all night long. The QB playing behind our O line has to be able to roll out and throw a strong ball on the run, and Glenn, from what I saw last night, just isn’t able to do that. Hello Tee Martin? Glenn was the worst of our four QB’s in preseason and it carried over tonite. Big changes are on the horizon in Bomberville…


Sorry about the ungracious winning. But I agree with you. I don’t know what the deal was last night, but the Bombers were terrible. I really do hope they improve. That was the worst special teams I have ever seen. One actual return for a touchdown. Two more were close. It would’ve been two if Mcalla hadn’t stepped out of bounds. I was just shocked at either the lack of effort or just the wrong personnel on the field.

Glenn, was never anything special. He scored three meaningless touchdown’s in a game that we got it handed to us, and just like Burris’s West Division Final last year, rode it out of town.

However, I think Spurgeon Wynn, not Tee Martin would be my quarterback of choice in Winnepeg if I was coaching. Wynn seems to have the arm strength that Glenn doesn’t, as well as the ability to roll out, but you can correct me if I’m wrong