Why So Quiet Riders

Are you scared of what might happen on Saturday when the big blue roll into and over TF and away with their first victory of the season.

Riders, the baby BB's are going to kick your asses on Saturday, get ready! Were bring our shit into your house! :twisted:

I'll belive it when I see it.

Would you guys can the smack talk? Bear in mind they would have probably been in the Grey Cup game last year if not for McCallum's infamous gaffe in OT. We were 7-11. Don't get me wrong, I hope we come away with a win in Gopherville, but you guys are just setting yourselves up for a stern ripping from a whole slough of Rider fans.

The Riders should win for a # of reasons there PIGSEYE:

  1. We are due
  2. We are at home (which may not matter)
  3. Your defensive secondary is much worse than ours
  4. Your o-line is questionable

Yeah, you may be invited into our house for a friendly game of football, but we would greatly appreciate it if you use the toilet for any bowel movements you may have.

Go Riders!!

this reminds me of that moment in a film when it all goes wrong. you know when the victim says something like, "it's quite, too quiet." then he gets his head cut off by the smarter and obviously more intelligent nemisis.

bonne chance boo bombers

Well considering your starting quarterback is questionable(i mean seriously kevin glenn cannot lead that team) and your secondary is weak, you better hope charles roberts has a career game to win. Riders by 11 hands down.

The BB's are going to win becase:

  1. Saskatchewan doesn't have a good QB
  2. cuz Saskatoon doesn't have a team though they have more people (that doesn't matter)
  3. we beat you guys last season when no one except BC could.
  4. if we don't, we are in for a long losing season cuz of low marole if this game is a loss.

Why the BB's might not win:

  1. our new jerseys SUCK!
  2. the Riders new jerseys are alsome! :wink:

wow... some fairly intelligent comments and insults by fans of prairie teams... did not see that comming

(ps. Edmonton is not a prairie team, although Calgary is.. damn cowboys)

BBs are going to win? Well, good to see you guys have a sense of humour.
Seriously expect the Riders to win this one, but they have a tradition of losing when they shouldn't.
Bombers will win if:

  1. Glenn (or Wynn, or Martin) has a fantastic game while Nealon struggles.
  2. They score a lot of special teams points.
  3. Riders kill themselves through penalties or turnovers.

Otherwise, the Riders should win, but all three of these scenarios are possible. Still predicting a convincing Sask win, but I've seen them lose enough of these that I'm not betting any money on it. :slight_smile: :smiley:

Riders vs. Bummers

Greene - Experienced starter
Glenn,Wynn - Experienced backup
Edge - Riders

Running Back
Keith - In a league of his own
Roberts - best of the rest
Edge - Riders

Deep Threat
Dominguez - Impact Player
Stengall - Is he still alive? And you signed him thru when? Bahahaha
Overwhelming edge - Riders

Riders - 3 League MVP's
bombers - ? do you have one?
Edge - Riders

Receiving Corp.
Jason French, Cory Grant, Elijah Thurmon, Ibrahim Tounkara, Travis Moore
Kamau, Vinny, HICKS, COLON, MCGARITY, STODDARD, other assorted cast-offs
Edge - Riders

Special Teams
Holmes, McCallum
Westwood - straight out of special ED
Edge - Riders

Schultz, Nate Davis, enough said
Edge - Riders

LB & DB's
Riders - only the best in the league
bombers - you're paying them right? So I guess that makes them professionals, right?
Edge - Riders

Barrett - Winner
Daley - Well, he certainly knows how to beat winnipeg, I'll give him that!
Edge - Riders

So when you see all those empty seats at Canad stadium, don't despair, the CFL hasn't lost any fans, its just that half of winnipeg is secretly sitting in their basements listening to game and wearing with guilty pride, their Green and Silver jerseys. And we won't mind, how can we fault you, after all you just want to be a winner too.

Consider this your standing ovation. Great points!

budddy McCallum is the forst SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE..... HOW COULD U GIVE HIM THE EDGE OVER WESTWOOD???? guess u still got a couple rocks in ur head from last season... and ya barret... good job getting rid of burris, cuz us in Edmonton know that greene sucks, i'll be the fiorst to point out that charles roberts is special teams and Rb so ya give him the edge over KK... and i'm not even a bomber fan

MCCallum is the Worst***

NOT A BOMBER FAN BUT I THINK THAT KK and ROberts are even and the recievers are even. Thurmon, Bailey and tounkara are just as castoffish as any one else.

Ok, I’ll give you Westwood but “greene sucks” just isn’t a very compelling arguement. Come on you can do better then that! And you wanna talk running game, ok, how about:

Most TDs Rushing

SSK 22
MTL 21
EDM 17
BC 17
HAM 16
OTT 15
WPG 14
TOR 14
CAL 12

Most 1st Downs Rushing

SSK 148
MTL 125
BC 124
HAM 116
OTT 113
TOR 106
WPG 96
EDM 94
CAL 76

Most Yds Net Rushing

SSK 2504
BC 1985
WPG 1928
HAM 1907
OTT 1834
TOR 1761
MTL 1716
EDM 1486
CAL 1224

Avg Yds Rushing Per Game

SSK 139.1
BC 110.3
WPG 107.1
HAM 105.9
OTT 101.9
TOR 97.8
MTL 95.3
EDM 82.6
CAL 68.0

Avg Gain Per Rush

SSK 5.6
OTT 5.4
TOR 5.4
BC 5.2
MTL 5.2
WPG 5.1
HAM 4.8
CAL 4.6
EDM 4.2

I noticed a pattern.................................................. SK is at the top in all and edm and cal are at the bottom. But it might just be me. Do i really see that?

We dont have a qb? If we don't and yours was our back up what dows that make your qb? :wink:

?WTF, Mate?