Why so negative.....

Canadian Hockey League - We have that, 60 teams coast to coast and very popular, maybe you've heard of it
Canadian Basketball League - Got that too, 8 teams between Ontario and Maratimes but it is all Canadian
Canadian Baseball League - Had one, major disaster, didn't even make one full season
Canadian Soccer League - Had one but it folded and the current league is in name only as all teams are from Ontario Canadian Lacrosse League - Never heard of the Mann Cup?

I am a CFL troll on NFL boards, banned on some and welcome on others.

Maybe it's a matter of one's starting point then, because when I started watching the league regularly, teams were in financial shambles, owners came and went and the league wasted no opportunity to embarrass itself. That's not simply a function of being an Ottawa fan, several teams had difficulty, lost money regularly, etc.

The league is actually far more professional now than it has been in much of its past.

People get really negative because they see very serious threats to the league they love.

When they see examples of massive fan apathy such as this:

Morley Scott ?@Morley_Scott 23 hrs23 hours ago
Would think ticket sales for #Esks vs Stamps in WF will really pick up this week. Right now tickets sold approaching 25 thousand #youin?

Something has happened very quickly where people have decided not to attend.

the above 25k thousand does not bode well from Edmonton. Edmonton, supposedly one of the strongest franchises in the league.

If you cant see a reason to be worried then time to take a closer look.

Yet, Ottawa is sold out for this weekend and yet people have a hard time to focus on that can focus on that too.

MASSIVE fan apathy? There are still several days to sell tickets. Is there never a walk up crowd in Edmonton?

Some of you saw improvement in the past few years and assumed the arrow would point up forever. Then when it start to point down again, you fear it will always point down. But this stuff does tend to fluctuate.

Edmonton has already sold more tickets than some teams' actual capacity and you think it's a "serious" problem. Come on now...

Very true. We are the only country in the entire world with a population over 5 million people that dies not have its own domestic soccer league. We don't even have our own domestic hockey league for god sake ,and we originated the sport. We are also the only country to have ever hosted an Olympic games and to not have win a medal. WE DID IT TWICE!!. You could forgive us not winning in 76 because we are not a Summer sport nation,but how the hell do you explain 88. The fact that the lovely young woman who is laying in my bed right now, was only 3 months old the last time a Canadian team won it's own domestic trophy for it own domestic sport,makes me feel like a pedo,but also makes me realize how long it has been since we won the Stanley Cup.

do you realise a few short years ago Edmonton was averaging 38k-40k for REGULAR season games?

We do have a domestic soccer league. It's not national but it is a semi pro 23 team league.

We do have a domestic hockey league; the CHL which includes the OHL, WHL and QMJHL. There is also the Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey, a semi pro league in Quebec.

We did win medals at both the 76 and 88 Olympics. 11 medals in Montreal (5 silver, 6 bronze) and 5 in Calgary (2 silver and 3 bronze). If you are going to try and save face by claiming you meant gold medals, :stuck_out_tongue: the following nations hosted olympics and walked away without a gold medal;

1924 France
1928 Switzerland
1984 Yugoslavia

Canada does not even own the lowest medal count of a host nation; Summer Olympics 1968 Mexico 9 medals, Winter 1928 Switzerland and 1984 Yugoslavia 1 medal. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

True, the last Canadian based (key word is based) team to hoist the cup was Montreal in 93, however, name me the last team to win the cup with less than 50% Canadian content on the ice.

Bungle you pathetic little troll if you feel like a pedophile that's apersonal problem I can't help you with, but if you must waste bandwidth with your verbal diarrhea then at least gets your facts correct. :roll:

I do. I also realise that in the not-so-distant past, many teams have seen their attendance fluctuate for a variety of reasons.

You want growth, of course. But you can't use the top level as your crisis point.

Also, you can't point to one team's possible issues and ignore the good things going on elsewhere. the West is a little down, but good thing are going on in Ottawa and Hamilton and Toronto looks to be heading out of a nasty tunnel.

You can't ignore it, either, but referring to it as a serious threat or massive apathy is a little overstated, IMO.

maybe the negative participants should be banned for life. we don't need them.

enough is enough

People just need some perspective. This season was not a great season, good not great. When placed against 4-5 years ago not a good season, but when placed against last season (the worst I can remember since I started watching in the 70s) it was a huge step forward.

There are a lot of things that need work over the off season but we had a far better year than the abomination that was the 2014 season. We had more parity across the league, talk of an east to west crossover for a change, better quality of play, sale of the Argos and the announcement of their move to BMO next season, a solid franchise in Ottawa and at least some of the over called penalties from the beginning of the season have been addressed.

Taken in the right context this was a huge improvement over last year, but there is still so work that needs to be done.

Are you f*****ng kidding me?? This comming from YOU. Go back and review EVERY ONE OF YOUR POSTS and tell me there is ONE that is not Negativity X 1,000 or berating someone for their comments. Go ahead. I dare you. Put it up here.

Actually Canada did win some medals in the 1976 and 1988 olympic games, just not any gold medals.

This is not about negativity, it's about being realistic and acknowledging that there are real serious problems.

There is no other way to spin this, after the weekend just 24,500 tickets sold.


That's ugly.

Are YOU actually being serious?

For Bungle it is obviously about being negative, but for the rest of us it's about recognizing that despite a good season, and far better than 2014, there is still a lot of things that need to be addressed.

Some have a naturally glass-half empty view of things and would put a negative spin on anything like the below.

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Edmonton's challenge is more in line that their stadium doesn't fit today's business model (not just the CFL). BC has the same issue, though not their only one. But there are about 10 different people interested in buying the team, so hardly a serious problem as some think.

That's kind of what I was trying to get across earlier.

Could it and should it be better? You can make a strong argument. Is it a "serious" problem? Hardly. Certainly not for the league as a whole, and not even for that specific franchise.