Why so negative.....

Why is there so much negativity on this board? Why are there so many NFL trolls here? Are there CFL trolls on NFL boards? This negativity is what keeps people from posting, much like myself.

<on this board?> I like how interchangeable your topic is... in regards to this board and Lionbackers, where it was originally posted... :rockin:

I think that's the appropriate smilie.

I have asked the same question myself. It is never ending. While all agree, 2015 was NOT our best year but only the Argos will lose money and that is good stuff.

As far as the TV ratings, we have no where to go but up.

That's why I've posted it on both boards. It amazes me the amount of negativity on both.

I think on the most part, people here just want to see the league thrive. After taking a number of strides forward (new TV contract, new/updated stadiums, going back to Ottawa), we've seen a couple of seasons gone sideways.

So tendency (on the extreme) is to think we're heading back to the bad old days of the 90s/early 2000s at the same time as franchise values and revenue streams in the other major North American leagues and say inwardly 'why can't that be us?'

It's the ebs and flows of a business being run imperfect people, played by imperfect players, overseen by imperfect officials being watched and mostly enjoyed by us imperfect fans.

Good investments go up and down in the short term but will go in an upward trend in the long term, so will this league.

As usual, MG, good post.

Many thanks for the thoughts :thup:

Just trying to be balanced....preaching to myself too.


I am not someone who reaches for the stars when it comes to the CFL. If every team made $1/year forever, I would be happy.

funny, I read it as asking why people here are so negative towards each other.

Because Football is a game of DOWNS!


Because it's the CFL ..... 1 step forward 2 steps back

In a nutshell, because it’s been very difficult to consider this a major pro league the last couple years. With the pis s poor football being played, the venue fiascos of Toronto and Hamilton, the insane rule changes that led to the most penalties I have ever seen in a game x 81, to the mickey mouse broadcast crews… Need I go on. This league has lost so many potential fans the last couple years it’s alarming. And before you go saying OHH another negative guy, Blahh blahh blah, I am quoting this from our kids and their friends who were quite into it a couple years ago, to the point where they actually wore some CFL gear. Today I can’t even give them tickets to the games, including the Stamps semi final last weekend. It just seems very stale and the more they try to spice it up with new rules the more they kill it.


2 steps forward, 1 steps back.

was there even 20K at McMahon? actual people, not bs attendance numbers.

It's a Canadian thing. People would be negative towards a Canadian Hockey League; a Canadian Basketball League; a Canadian Baseball League; a Canadian Soccer League; a Canadian Lacrosse League, etc...you get the picture. Those leagues all went out of business. Football is all we have left and it attracts a wide spectrum of negativity. Many compatriots disown the CFL will try to destroy the league, like the runt of the litter. It's Canadian after all...and we just aren't worthy (especially compared to the U.S. or other real countries.) :roll:

Yeah I agree, the inferiority complex is a big part of it.

In other boards I visit more specifically in hockey, the concept of having an NHL team in Las Vegas is being more and more looked at as it will work. Despite there's very little hockey history there, there's a 'can do' attitude. Even before the arena startex going up. Grow the game, with good ownership make new fans etc...

In contrast, the concept of a CFL team in Halifax, Quebec City etc.....gets greeted with...'there are no fans there' 'we need to fix the 9 teams here first' Now ownership and stadiums need to come on-line. Even if/when they do, the self defeatist tends to be taxing.

Lol ... There is unlimited money behind Vegas . Can not remotely compare the two. They also reached their season ticket goal . The issue in the CFL is there is no , owner for a 10 th team , nobody building a new stadium and no fan interest from a 10 th market . It's not negative , it's reality supported by facts . I'd love a 10 th team, unfortunately it's not happening for a long time .

Well the unlimited money in Vegas didn't seem to help the Posse...lol indeed.

But yes, I do agree there's no visible signs in for #10 at this time but they were not always there in Vegas until about a couple years ago.

Even in locations where there is nothing tangible happening for the NHL Houston, Portland...I'll even .add Seattle and Hamilton to that list) there seems to be a confidence that it can work in those markets. I just don't get the sense that same confidence for a 10th team whenever those pillars (ownership and stadia) come in place....though agreed it will be a long wait.

you know as always its going to be a great grey cup Do not worry about tv ratings cable tv will be dead in 5 to 10 years anyway online thats the future and we have the right leader to get us there.

Yeah it's weird.

I don't ever see anyone being negative anywhere else on the internet.