Why so many no-shows?

I think it is great our sellout string has now hit 20 games - but considering last night was a decent night for football - and was our first home game in 44 days we were all surprised with how many no-shows there were. By we I mean the 13 family members that went to the game and were sitting in three different areas of the stadium. We all had lots of empty seats around us and could see thousands of empty seats on the opposite side. Some looking across to the West - me looking across to to the east.

Where I was in 203, in the row I was in about 1/3 of the seats in our row were empty all game. The row in front of us had 6 empty seats in a row. There were empty seats all game in the row in front of that.

Why so many no-shows. If somebody was going to be away up at their cottage or something - why not give their tickets to somebody who would use them.

Here a picture I took of the east side with 3 minutes left in the first quarter. If you look closely there are at least a couple of thousand empty seats over there - and there are not very many standing on the concession level - maybe 100 or so. And before anybody says there would be a bunch on the south patio - no there weren't - I took the second picture at the same time.

Any theories as to why there were so many no shows?



THF has a culture of hanging out on the concourses, and I have heard some on here claim they almost never go to their actual seats. IWS was different because you had to be in your seat to see the game.

Summer vacations.

Tragically Hip concert.


Hot, humid weather.

Team hasn't been home for seven weeks so the "every-second-week" habit has been temporarily derailed.

Sask is a horrible team, meaning the game was likely to be very not entertaining.

Those are the first theories I could come up with.

We have been down this road on a couple of different posts before and I completely agree with you TravelPat. Your picture of the east stands looks identical to our view looking west.

The excuse is that everyone is in the concourses, and that theoretically might be true during the half time break, but not during the games, at least not on the second level behind 112. I went up for a beer and was back within 2 or 3 minutes. It was not that busy or crowded. And we would be talking about a couple of thousand people, minimum, based on all the empty seats. Where heck are the people?

Even during half time, there was no line-up for the washroom. And even if it were true, it boggles my mind that people would pay, say, a couple of hundred dollars for two of the “better” seats, and then choose to stand on a concrete floor watching the game on a TV. Heck, why not indulge in a nice steak dinner and watch it on your Lazy-Boy with a few friends? Same thing, but more comfortable, and a lot cheaper.

I guess it is the old joke “I went to the football game last night - it seems half the fans show up dressed as empty seats.”

It was absolutely brutal last night as far as heat & humidity are concerned. I find it hard to believe that people preferred to hang out in the concourses because the only time I felt comfortable was in my seat because at least there was a breeze.

Looking over to the east - that picture at full size - (it gets cut by about 65% in size posting it here) there were maybe 125 - 130 people on the concourse that we could see - who would have a view of the field at that time. Move them into empty seats over there and that still leaves about 1,800 - 2,000 empty seats on that east side alone. That is a pretty substantial percentage - even with the list of possible reasons for skipping the game pw13 gives.

My guess - there were about 20,000 people actually there last night. My brother's guess was even lower - he figured about 18,500.

It was certainly well over a 10% no-show rate and it probably was over 15% even. That wouldn't be that bad for bad weather or a sport that has a ton of home games like hockey, basketball or baseball - but that's a big no-show rate for football with only 9 home games on a reasonable August night weather-wise. A bit hot but not outrageously so especially with the breeze Count Floyd mentioned.

I was just surprised and a bit disappointed with just how many no-shows there were.

Suppose it was the season ticket holders that were turned away at gate 5 because they said they had copied tickets. My buddies and myself was many that got told sorry you can get in. :x :x :thdn:
Be calling the office tomorrow.

Two or three thousand of you?

Maybe their Speaker Drop insurance had expired? ----On a more serious note, The Red cross Blood bank was unsuccessful in distributing all the tickets they had to promote in a giveaway to blood donaters in Ancaster, probably in the neighbourhood of 60-75 tickets, and didn't fair much better trying to give them away at the game. I also noticed another representative of a group having a hard time giving away unissued tickets near the box office. Seems he gave up and went in with a handfull too. Seeing clumps of empty seats in those photos suggest to me that many missing butts are the result of other over optimistic group purchases.

While it is still “cottage season” and I personally know a couple of the fans who did not show up last night, I have to admit my experience in the stands was the opposite of the point being made here.

Both in the lower bowl (first quarter) and in the upper level (third quarter) I had to search to find an empty seat to sit in to chat to fans last night. I normally assume I can sit anywhere because someone from every row is always in the concourse.

Our differing experience last night is probably just due to the poorly studied phenomenon of when our fans choose to sit in their seats and when they choose to socialize in the concourses.

Have to ask...has a Staff member ever asked to see your ticket? Assuming you can just pop into any seat to talk to fans, if they noticed, would they say something. I know that I could pick you out of a crowd, but there's always that one employee who isn't really up to speed on who is who. I would find it hilarious to see.

I also have to wonder if Caretaker decided to enjoy a long tall cool one if he would be asked for I.D. :slight_smile:
Just out of curiosity Bob does your Drivers License say Young or Caretaker for your last name ? :wink:

I still think the team HAS TO do something about the people congregating on the concourse. I know several people who have upper level tickets who have never sat in them. They prefer to stand on the concourse.

Getting around up there is a challenge at times. For those who have to sit on the rails at the concourse, it must be next to impossible for them to get in and out of those spots.

That is a VERY good question. At the start of the game, my wife and I stood in line to get her a cooler, (my brother in law was getting my beer from the bar). I ordered it, paid for it, and handed it to her and nothing was said. I'm 32 (Looking well over 19), and she's 25. But during the 2nd and 3rd quarters, I went up to the second level concessions and I was asked for I.D. by the same young lady....twice....

Don't get me wrong, getting asked for I.D. is nice once in a while, but after while, it gets as old as I feel some days. I could understand if I look like I'm 18, but that was 14 years ago. lol.

Well I'm sure somebody actually has the number of how many tickets got scanned when people entered. I'd be curious to know what it is. The East side never got more crowded than that picture I posted earlier and in fact by late 3rd quarter had even fewer people in the seats after the ridiculously long review delay that brought the game to a halt halfway through the 3rd quarter for over six minutes.

The tickets scanned number is the figure the Green Riders actually use for their announced attendance. Every other team uses the tickets distributed number from what I've been told.

Look it is great we are selling out. That's fantastic. But that apparently so many people do not show up some games - that has to sort of be at least a little bit concerning - because that is an indicator somewhat of how invested the fans are.

Really invested fans will almost always show-up. 'Sort of' invested fans might start to not show-up occasionally. And 'sort of' is only one step from becoming 'not invested'. i.e. not buying tickets in advance next year.

I know if I spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and at renewal time for the next season realized that my tickets didn't even get used for two or three games the previous season - would I renew?

Or is that just me?

If they want people to be more invested in coming to the games, there need to be some changes. The most obvious one is the concessions. It might be time soon to start looking for a new company to run them starting next year, if things do not improve. So far, it has been a total nightmare, and has provided terrible value to the fans. Ticat fans have waited a long time for a nice new stadium, and concessions are a large part of that experience.

Fans Hanging out partying at the Coors Banquet Bar ! :rockin:

My dad and I are season ticket holders. I missed because my daughter is only two weeks old. I stayed in and watched on TV. I chose to give the wife a break, get her to bed early and I watched the game with both kids.

Now THAT"S a legitimate excuse Habsfan. Congrats on the new addition.

Great decision! Now you are free to attend the Labour Day Classic when at 4 weeks the daughter will be more demanding. Youuuuuuu sly guy, you.