Why So Few Of Us

There are only about 10 posters on the Als forum, and lately we seem to be getting on one another`s nerves. Yet there are 17,000 Als season ticket holders and up to 800,000 TV viewers watching games.

Is it a language barrier? Yet Lestaf is a welcome major contributor. Is it not knowing the site exists? Is the forum intimidating to newcomers? Is there no interest in the Als? Yet the above numbers belie that.

I tend to get cranky at times because I find the tone on the forum too negative. I know a couple of people who have dropped out because of this. Is that a reason people are staying away?

Any thoughts?

Well, as I mentioned a little while back, I'm a regular here, and read just about everything that gets posted. The only reason I don't post much is because I rarely find I have anything to add. I think I'd look like an ignoramus if I tried posting as frequently as you guys do, haha. I don't really venture through Twitter and the various Montreal journals the way some of you do for information. If anything, coming on here is a lovely way to get all that information into one tidy spot. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don't want to be repeating what someone else has already said in better words than I could do.

I find that few challenge the bullying tactics of disciplineandpunish and HFX. This seems like their private domain.
When you have differing opinions you are called a troll, sworn at etc. They have no accountability and seem free to roam at will with this behavior.
It makes posting on this forum difficult .

8) At least we talk Alouette Football.

Try less psychobabble and more football.
Its Hockey season and this forum has grown and was the busiest last season it has ever been. A few years back this was one of the least active board on this forum its now second behind Hamilton.

I really miss Third and Ten; he was a great poster. Any sign of 234ever lately?

d&p isn’t a bully. . . if you agree with him you’re a “stand up guy”. . . if you have the temerity not to agree with him just once or twice, then you’re an idiot.

Oh wait. . .


Oh my ! Hope it won't cause you to suffer from PTSD :cowboy:

LOL, not a chance Hf, I'm too darn resilient :lol:

Anyway, back to the original point.

Sure it would be better if we had more posters. . . but let's just say we're quality and not quantity.

. . .and in terms of quality we have really knowledgeable posters who make good points, d&p, RichardV, jkm just to name three. Also Niagara with whom I can chat about vintage Als from the past 'cause he's in my age bracket. . .

So sure it'd be nice to have more, but we do have good quality of discussion usually.

Je lis tout ce qui est écrit sur le site des Alouettes ainsi que tous les autres. J'émets mes commentaires et mes opinions et respecte celles des autres; par contre, je trouve que certains prennent un certain plaisir à vous dénigrer si votre opinion est différente d'eux. Oui,c'est plus intéressant de lire/d'exprimer les différentes opinions,mais on ne devrait pas traiter de tous mots,dont certains grossiers, celui ou celle qui n'est pas en accord avec nous. On peut être en désaccord, sans se lancer des insultes.

Je trouve quand même remarquable combien ce site a multiplié ses lecteurs et "écrivains" dans les derniers 15 mois. Les sujets tels le départ de Marc Trestman, qui va le remplacer, Jim Popp,les agents libres,etc. ont permis cette ascension.

J'encourage chacun de vous/de nous à continuer,en espérant que nous saurons tous respecter chacun de nous.


If you look at some of the threads on the first page alone. 2500 views , 8000 views.
There are Two Alouettes forum, There is the comment section of RDS where most franco fans hangout. The team's Facebook page and Twitter. Its called CHOICE.

Things are so smooth here, We don't even have or need a moderator. Doesn't get much better than that.


It's funny that I'm being called a bully by one of the most petty, spiteful posters on this forum. :lol: I don't bully anyone. But I don't appreciate being trolled for no reason. If you're civil with me, I'll be civil with you. If you can't have a disagreement without name-calling or bigotry, I have no time for you.

When there's a dust-up, I am the first person to compromise and offer an apology. If you apologize too, I'm very willing to bury the hatchet and move on. But so many times in the past, I have offered apologies and compromises, only to be met with further insults, sarcasm, and general trolling. If you're in that group, or if you're a bigot, you're on my Foe list.

For example, there are posters here with whom I frequently disagree: Hfx, LeStaf, tony, Niagara, sheldon, GHT20, Piggyman. We've all had our dust-ups and our fights. But at the end of the day, these posters are able to talk football without being personal. I called LeStaf a "stand-up guy" and he is one -- not because he agreed with my post, but because he's a thoughtful poster who is capable of disagreeing with someone without making it personal. He's also capable of letting bygones be bygones and moving forward after a fight.

Contrast with pompous members whose only sad little contribution to the forum is correcting other people's grammar. Seriously, if all you have to contribute is the fact that someone is spelling a word incorrectly, you are not someone whose football opinion I respect... :stuck_out_tongue:

Good to know. . . jkm and I are still waiting for your apology for calling us “idiots” because we held a different opinion. We can disagree, we can disagree strongly, but calling someone with whom you don’t agree an “idiot” is out of bounds I should think.

Oh good heavens I rarely do that anymore at all, let alone that being my only contribution here.

Your an elegant debater but your also a nipple twister.

''''I find all of the fans on this site quite knowledgeable and friendly....hfxtc gets a little 'snarky' sometimes but he makes up for it with some decent insight...discipline is a very good author of most posts and also quite intuitive...MadJack is from my era and I do understand his abhorrence of the way English is used by younger people especially...Nobodys perfect in the use of French or English BUT some of the misuse is quite laughable at times...so I understand MJs reason for pointing it out..Don't mistake his contribution any less informative than any other poster because he does so...I think a lot of fans get very frustrated with their team at times..I sure do and it is reflected in the commentary...Some have to learn how to become a little more tolerant of other posters opinions and positions...All in all I think you guys and gals have a very good thing going here...I'd sure like it if we had as many quality contributors to our site...Anyway..keep er going guys.. :thup:

I don't actually understand why the number of posters is an issue. The Als forum is one of the most hopping on cfl.ca. Look at Calgary's forum, how frequently it gets updated, ditto Edmonton, BC, Toronto.

You know Papa. Its never to late to change allegiance 8)
And I will work on the snarkyness. First I got to go check what it means. :?

Sheldon wanted to show his displeasure with all the nipple twisting so he took a little roundabout and created this marvel. I almost asked him for a source as to how he came up with the idea that the forum is losing members when it is quite the opposite :smiley: But then I said Ah Frack it.

The personal nipple twisting doesnt bother me, were all big boys and can fight our battles. The somewhat negative tone towards all things Alouettes does and thats what I meant. I also wasnt criticizing those who do post, just sincerely wondering why the low numbers relative to those I mentioned.

As for you HfxTC , your steady posting actually keeps the forum going but you state alot of opinions as facts, when not always the case. (Such as the forum gaining members.) And sometimes act like it`s your blog and not a forum.