Why should't we give up?

Really!? theres onlysomuch you can bleed black and gold before you bleed todeath! Im actuly glad the cats are getting STOMPED!!! I think the new stadium should be change to NEVERWIN BAH:(

The team hasnt given up.... why SHOULD we?

True enough! it just gets annoying hearing my friends saying TICATS SUCK!!! jebus tell me sumin i DONT Know!! half the time it comes from leafs fans tho so! i tell them cats will win 10 cups b4 the leafsw make it to the finals lol and 20 b4 they make it to a cup:P

why is S(_)CK a bad word? wow...signs soccer moms have gotten say in the fourm lol

Grow some cahoonas.

I can honestly say I’ve NEVER been glad the Ticats have gotten “stomped”. I don’t even know what else to say to you except that the blue team plays a few miles down the road and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Ticats forever!

Don't worry next year when we start the regular season we won't have any losses on our record. The Spectator will be telling us what a great job the team has done in recruiting new players and signing free agents and all us fans will be dreaming of the Cats bringing home the Grey Cup with Printers being the most valuable player.

go Blue team!!
yep somehow during the winter months, reality gets washed away with the snow, and the delusion that the cats might actually be good sets in just in time for the season...then they win a preseason game or two and everyone thinks this is the year....and then slowly reality creeps back in...i love you reality!

You are all your own person. If you want to give up that your own opinion. You shouldn'r need to come on here and ask people why you shouoldn't.

Everyone around here thinks that know more than the person next to them or the people in power in the oprganization so I'm sure some will come on here and rip the team to shreds. but like Crash said this team hasn't given up. In reality we never had a great team to field. This is a bilding process (here's the spot where people stop reading and immediately refer back to year one of the mistake).

I have said numerous times before that you can't look back on the last 3 years because the team admitted that they made a mistake in how they were doing things.

I know I do find it reassuring tht we are actually headed in the right direction because no one has given up.

You can always be a Leaf Fan. :wink:

Not much a fan can really do except what I am doing and that is to stop giving them my money until they give me a team worth spending it to see. I havent given up hope, just not giving them any more of my money until they prove they can compete.

Will make next season so much sweeter when all the others want back on the bandwagon !!!

Don't get ahead of yourself. Next season will be the same unless the coaching staff work with the players (Printers) and not there crappy system.

I moved back from Ottawa - after about 20 years. I was there through all of the crazy ridersrenegades days... My view is that the cats are an expansion team - over 26 new-to-cfl players, new management, new coaching etc... Overall, they have the right people involved - especially rambo - he can bring in talent. think about what has happened since he has been here. Caulley, Keith - both could be here for a long time and can be major producers.
DB's - frustrating for all of them (and us) - but the breakdowns and bad plays are expected with all rookies and ever changing lineups(communication and confidence with each other is paramount). Personally, I like the changing lineups - makes me think they are not satisfied with what they have.

The team is playing sharper since printer has arrived - probably calling players out.
I'm looking forward to the next few years - I think it's dynasty time again.... bringing along Willaims will be a smart thing to do (Printers will be gone in 2 years).

Really!? theres onlysomuch you can bleed black and gold before you bleed todeath! Im actuly glad the cats are getting STOMPED!!! I think the new stadium should be change to NEVERWIN BAH:(
In the words of the immortal John Belushi

"Give up, we don't give up. Did we give up when the Germans attacked Pearl Harbour.....no we never give up"

the sound:

Giving up on a football team because they don't make the playoffs or whatever you don't like about them this year....is laughable. If you support this team then toughen up and stick with it. Criticize all you want but stick with them.
If its important...never, never, never, never give up on it (Winston Churchill's quote). Thats good advice for life not just football. Y'r welcome.