Why should I buy a ticket for the game on SUNDAY????

Going to the game live is always better than watching it on TV! No matter what! Enjoy!

I wonder if Mr. Melo is gonna take his hat off for the anthem tomorrow. At the Bulldogs game last night, he had it on for the American anthem and several fans were jeering him to take it off, hen he finally did at the end before our anthem. Just a random fact for you guys I found amusing. I wonder if people are gonna buy tickets just to hear him sing the anthem as was the case at the hockey game yesterday. The teenie boppers were out in full force! anyways, if you are a true fan of the team you should still go and stick it out and give them support. As well it's neat that you get to meet the players after the game, most people dont get that chance often at all.

Go for the tailgate, the pregame festivities, the exhilaration of when the Ticats do a good play, go to see the athleticism of Printers, the intensity of Moreno and to welcome Jamie Boreham back to Steeltown.

CFL games aren't just games they are a day to celebrate the sport of Canadian football, enjoy the game with Canadians who love the game, and escape life. It's not a game its a day of celebration. Even if we're out of the playoffs.


I'm going to the games because I am at the end of the 3-year Traditions Club membership (and have had seats since 1994). I have honoured my commitment.

Oh yea, and to watch the flypast of the PBY Canso!


Don't ask us you moron.

If you want to go bad dont buy one, why would you pay for that? go to the stadium about kickoff time and your gonna get one for free or next to nothing. last game I got 3 for 5 bucks.

I think you should GIVE your tickets away to a deserving fan and stop your bitching. BE A FAN!!! Go support your bulldogs and while you are at it why not leave the site as you can't be much of a fan with talk like this!!!! :thdn:

Bring the Marlies to Hamilton then I will go see em I am a Leafs fan..cut me down all you want but I really don't want to see a farm team of a professional team I really do not like. I went to see them when Edmonton was around because I am an Oilers fan aswell.

I just had this anti-Canadiens thing bread into my by my family all of whom are avid Leafs fans. I hear it all the time "support your hometown team" I will when an NHL team ever comes here but until then..I dunno..they have a strange way to pick what farm team comes here I suppose..

Next thing you know, the Sens will move their team here..that will be Grrreat!

I support the Ti-Cats faithfully that is good enough for me, 1 for 2 isn't too bad.

THANKS! I will tell you what kind of fan I am I have been a season ticket holder since 98 and a traditions club member I am a very loyal fan who has honored my end of it by putting my hard earned cash on the table. I sat through a 1-17 season with a small crowd of diehards not a bunch of jump on the bandwagon fans like you! My son and I eat sleep and dream Ticat football :thup: I even have custom Ticat plates for my car!

8) It breaks my heart to see this team struggle so DON'T GIVE ME THE GUNS about being a fan Its not much fun at NEVER WIN anymore when the on field product is the worst in the CFL :cowboy:

I thought that was agood enough reason to go the bulldog game and they even messed up that!The sound system went out half way through the anthems!LOL

My Darling Husband and I found the people around us at IWS to be as depressing as the games themselves. We’re definitely CFL fans, but the charm of the game experience is gone for us. We still hope the best for the team though, so we DID give our tickets to people who would appreciate the IWS experience more than we would. We delivered the rest of our Box D tickets (3 games worth) to a local fire department so that some of our FINEST could have a good time.

If you wnat to call a spade a spade I have been a fan sice 1962 and have been a going to games since 1969, but I will never bitch about the Ti Cats no matter how bad they are. but I will never tell anyone that I would rather be somewhere else on game day. Football is football and being able to go to the games for the expereince is also great so don't call me a band wagon jumper when you don't even know me!!!!

Not to toot my own horn, however, I live in Edmonton, so far this year I have been to the Ti-Cat games in Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Calgary was the only game I had any hope that the Cats would win. (It was the first game of the season). But I go to the games and support my team. Calgary was a 5 hour drive round trip, Winnipeg was a 2 hour flight and next week I am making the 7.5 hour drive each way to Regina.

The 40 minute drive from Markham to Hamilton just doesn't cut it for me.

good weather today...im in...plus i still get a kick of walking up the stairs and walking out and seeing the whole field from the stands for the first time that day with beer in hand. Kinda like fishing - your always excited to go until your on the lake, but after your glad you went even though you didnt catch anything.

Well, how about attending the game so you can see live professional football in the best stadium in the league? Look how many members on this board live too far away to attend games and how much they'd like to.
It's like running up hill. It hurts and you wonder if the end is worth the effort... but think of those who can't even get to the hill. They wish they were in your shoes. If all home games were on Saturday or started at 1:00 on Sundays, I would get a season ticket! Win or lose, a fan is a fan forever.

You bring up an interesting topic "GOTC."
My brother-in-law phoned me late afternoon, on Sept.21st, explaining that he had tickets to the Calgary vs. Hamilton game. He asked if I would attend with him.
I declined. One of the major reasons is that the Stadium that the Cats play in is a "dump." I am not going to sit on those uncomfortable, wooden bleachers for nearly 4 hours.
And the seat was offered to me, "free", yet I still declined. I can not imagine paying the money that those tickets cost, to sit in such a "dump" of a stadium.
Give me the Rogers Center any day of the week. Now, that's the way to watch a game. In a cushioned seat.
Hamilton needs a new Stadium. No doubt about that.
I will be watching the game today on TV, in the comfort of my home. In a great seat. Best of all, its free.
Furthermore, who would pay to see this losing Team play anyway? Not me.