Why should I buy a ticket for the game on SUNDAY????

This is a question that is going through my mind.
I'm a FAN But i can be a FAN watching the game
on TV. Also if we lose, I won't feel so lowsy
as i would leaving the stadium after paying $35.00

 GIVE ME A REASON TO GO???????????????????????

You get to see Brian Melo sing the national anthem.

You’re welcome. :wink:

Nice try. But not good enough.

You would get st see Flick shred our secondary…

Splinters in your butt?

Seroiusly though, if you don't enjoy it then save your money and do something else.

I have fun with the people I go with each and every game. It's a highlight of my week that I look forward to. Plain and simple, I have fun. Why else would I go? I like football, my friends, beer. If we win then it's a bonus.

Because WE WILL MISS YOU !!!!

How about this...

All fans will be invited onto the field at the conclusion of the game (about 15 - 20 mins after the game it will start) and will be able to get autographs from all the Ticat players.

Ah...hmmm...let me see...thinking...thinking...

Well, how about attending the game so you can see live professional football in the best stadium in the league? Look how many members on this board live too far away to attend games and how much they'd like to.

How about coming out to show your team some support? This is a tough season on them too you know.

What about getting to watch a premium athlete in Casey Printers?

Or the TiCats young core of upcoming stars?

How about getting to hang out with the best football fans in the world?

If those aren't good enough reasons they perhaps staying at home is the best choice for you.

Your better off giving your money to the Bulldogs THE CHAMPS, get a FREE ring and listen to Melo!

Spend your hard earned cash$ on the home opener for the Bulldogs they DESERVE the support. I have to go to this Ticat game as I am a $ucker season ticket holder if I wasn't I would be going anywhere near NEVER WIN this Sunday :lol: :thup:


Well Said! :rockin:

I'm hoping for decent weather! :wink: I've got 2 van-loads coming from our area! :wink:

I'm originally from Hamilton, But now live
in markham. I go to the games by myself.
all my relatives and friends from hamilton
have either passed away or left town.
My wife is not interested. So it's a long
drive to sit by yourself and watch a game
that you pretty well know you are going
to lose. I love the TICATS but to travel
that far i need some hope of winning.
Even the training camp this year was
more exciting. I took time off work several
times just to go to the training camp.

Oh Well..I guess I will work myself up
with excitment for next years T.C.
Have Fun Everyone!

a good reason to to go to the game.

Staying home watching the game on TV in the comfort of your own house sitting on a nice leather couch with surround sound.

or going to the game sitting beside 23,000+ screaming wild fans (similar to surround sound)
braving the weather and getting beer spilled on you during the game.

I say you have to go to the game to get the full effect LOL go cats go

I can't give you a reason to go. That is up to you my friend. I go because I love the Ti-Cats, the CFL and football. I go because I would rather watch the game in person than have some old football jock talk about this guy and that guy on T.V. I go because I bleed black and gold, win, lose or draw. Come hell or high water I will be there.


You would get st see Flick shred our secondary...
My guess is that he doesn't have a good game...

I feel the same way. Not going Sunday. First game I will miss this year. Playing golf instead. Flex tickets I have bought over the last few years have been great. I make sure to use them up in the first 5 or 6 games when the games actually mean something. Hope you guys have fun. 8)

I go to take my 9 year old son.
Just like my dad did for me in the mid 50's.
But back then we got to watch very good football, maybe next year.

My dad did the same with me, that was back in the
days of gerry mcdougall and bernie faloney.
I loved going to games then because we didn't
even own a TV.
OH WELL...At least we have our dreams.

buy a ticket so that you will have a choice not to buy the next yr, and the next yr, and the yr after.....

The Riders seem likely to provide some entertainment on their side of the ball at least. If you're a CFL fan in general, that could be a reason to go.

I won box seats to the game..so its win win for me !