Why should Boreham remain on the roster ?

I can't think of any reasons....

He does not perform,why is he still around ?

He's a nice guy and good person to talk to as one poster stated.

Practice roster for you Jamie.

Keep working.

Another game lost due to the ineptness of our kicker. Pardon me, Mr Boreham, i dont think you can call this guy a kicker. I mean even the ones he make he makes look difficult. For some reason he does not hit the ball square and it often comes out a low and line drive type of kick. In fact i would call it the highschool look. Lets give the job to someone who can do it. Boreham has had too much time to deliver and the fact is he just can't.



By all means...cut Martin!!! But let's give Boreham 48 more chances.

Our Offence lost the game .

Boreham could have won it .

One for five......


Sometimes it feels good to rant but.....

no matter how you or I, Greg Marshall
or Rob Katz are feeling at this time


in an attempt to improve our kicking.

We have signed a kicker to compete with Jamie for the job.

Last year it took until mid-season for Steve Baker
to be brought in to compete with Jamie.

Jonathon Ruffin and Jamie will be trying
to outdo each other every week in practice.

Most of the judgements the coaches make are subjective

BUT NOT when two field goal kickers are competing.

As I said before, if you see Jamie kicking next game
it won't be a testament to what a nice, handsome guy he is

it will be because he won the week's kicking competion.

We can replace Boreham with an import but dont forget you have to remove another import off the roster .

Who would that be ??? Brooks ?? he`s a gamer and has a real nose for the ball .( ints and fumble recoveries ) DBS , what happens in case of an injury ? do we use a Canadian at db ?? reciever ? who would you take off Quinnie ? Holmes ?, O lineman ???

Somebody has to come off the roster . Its a big decision and i`m sure thats why they didnt do it for last nights game .

Jamie may very well win the kicking competition during practice, but that doesn't mean he kicks better under game pressure. Sit Jamie down for a game or two and see how the other guy does, can't do much worse...

I disagree that Boreham lost the game for us.

Ask yourself - SHOULD WE HAVE EVEN BEEN CLOSE ??? I think not. The defense was directly responsible for 14 (or 12) of our points. The total net yardage differential is horrendous. Even in the punting there was a 10 yard difference per kick.

If anyone has a time machine could they please bring back a young Ruoff or Ozzie. I saw one last night in SG1 and then in TNG they had one too. Someone should contact Paramount and get a loaner.

Drastic times call for drastic measures. Its time to relegate Jamie B to the practice roster (a wake up call) and lets see what the new kid in town can do. Whether or not the Coach preaches that he has confidence is a mute point. Since the great start Jamie had last year under Ruoff's tutoring he is hitting only 50-55% of his attempted FG.

We need better offensive execution and play calling. This is getting almost as predictable as the Jamie Baressi school of playcalling. How many receivers do we have that have caught for over 1000 yards in their careers on this team for how many times each in their career. With this style of playcalling they are going to need 200-300 catches each to get it.

Will I abandon the WussyCats and threaten not to be a season ticket holder. Absolutely not. I have followed them more or less since the late 1960's early 1970's but it may make me cut the number from 4 seasons down to my original 2.

You still havent dealt with the question of WHO COMES OFF THE ROSTER TO MAKE ROOM FOR THE IMPORT KICKER !!!!

Habman, your obsessed with the import issue. There was a day when no team carried imports as back ups. We have all sorts (Db, d-line, receiver). Montreal carries an import, Ottawa has done it in the past. In the old days no team would have considered an import kicker. But for some reason the CIAU has not been producing enough quality kickers. If the new guy is a better kicker its an absolute no brainer. As for who, our coaching team can select a back up, probably one of the many extra db’s, or Armour or Cox, both of whom do not play like stud import lineman.

with boreham kicking, ticats lose 23-22

with a capable kicker, the cats win 24-23

and the cats woulda went into half-time with the lead last week ( and that coulda carried over into the 2nd half? )

and had he made that 20 yarder in toronto, hamilton woulda been close enough to win it in the end.

Habman, at linebacker we could sit a Canadian, Start Ralph instead of Yeast, Cheron could start when he is healthy...

Are any of those changes acceptable?

The best feature in Jamie Boreham's kicking game is his leg strength. That part of his game has been consistent over the past three years. Here are his stats on average yards per kickoff in 2004, 2005 and the first two games of 2006:

2004 58.3 yards(2nd in the CFL)
2005 58.3 yards(4th in the CFL)
2006 59.7 yards(4th in the CFL)

Field goal accuracy is another story. Here are his stats on field goal accuracy during that same period of time:

2004 59.5%(8th in the CFL)
2005 71.9%(5th in the CFL)
2006 42.8%(8th in the CFL)

Perhaps the improvement in 2005 can be partly attributed to the part-time coaching of Bernie Ruoff. In any event, he seems to have regressed in the accuracy department this year. Whether further coaching from Ruoff or perhaps Paul Osbaldeston can improve Boreham's accuracy remains to be seen but it is worth a try. Meanwhile, the team should and will take a good look at Jonathan Ruffin to see whether he is more accurate than Boreham.

Even if Boreham ends up not doing the field goal kicking for the team, another question is whether the Ticats should keep him on the roster as a kickoff specialist and special teams player. The B.C. Lions have used Bret Anderson in that role, so maybe there is a similar place for Boreham on the Ticats if his kickoffs have more distance than those of Ruffin.

defense rules.....apart from the fact that I agree 100% with your moniker....i agree 100% with your comments...-defense rules- knows his football!! incidentally, high school is where boreham learned ALL he knows about kicking and because of his kicking competitions in BCJFL, Universities in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and now in Hamiton, his coaches never taught him anything else about the kicking game.....borehams kicking game reminds me of Happy Gilmour golf game......grip and rip it....hope for the best!!