Why Sandy Beveridge starts

It's potential vs. experience

Drew Edwards The Hamilton Spectator

Sep 24, 2009


an excerpt...

[Greg] Marshall joined the Ticats in the off-season,
bringing his defensive scheme from Winnipeg.

It's a complicated defence that demands

a lot from the safety position.

"Sandy's basically the quarterback for us back there.

He makes the checks and gets us lined up
and gives us a chance to execute the call.

It's a very key position and he's doing a very good job," Marshall said.
"He's been around the block a few times and he's seen a few things.
He understands what offences are trying to do to us."

Barker, meanwhile, has the raw physical tools but "raw" is the operative word.

"The reality is Dylan's a rookie.

He's learning the game and doing a good job in trying to grow his understanding
of what offences are trying to do and how that affects his role," Marshall said.

"Slowly but surely, we're bringing him along."

Good article.

Marshall knows what he's doing, and he thinks Beveridge is doing a difficult job well. That's certainly good enough for me.

Great to see Coach Marshall confirm what some of us have been saying all along. :smiley:

I'm more likely to put my faith in his assessment of Sandy than the assessments of the posters on this site.

I have to agree with Ron and Borehamgirl. The coaches know. When the coaches start listening to the posters on this site, they'll be sitting with the same posters in the stands on game day. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

It nice to the longest Serving Ticats get his Dues..
I Remember Meeting Sandy the year he was drafted..
He one guys I love to talk too
He has worked his Butt off in The Film Room Pratices and Games
It Proves nice can finish 1st

Dillon is same kid of guy
Humble hardworking and well be great safety when time comes.

What helps me, is every now and then, remember the play of Wayne Shaw. :wink:

Sandy has done a good job this year. I was especially impressed last game where he had that massive knockdown. The guy is reliable and gets the job done.

Yes, it was a nice play, but he was lucky the ball was underthrown, otherwise and easy 6 points as the receiver was way in behind him, wide open.

Just like Brett Ralph's drop in the other endzone; lucky again as he was not near the receiver.

A safety with speed picks off those underthrown balls. SB was there to knock the ball away at the last second.

I am not a big fan of SB. He's playing okay and making some nice tackles but what we really need is another Rob Hitchcock.

With RH, no one dare to go over the middle because he would hit you so hard. He wouldn't just wrap up. He would hit you, then wrap you up. Big difference between these two guys.

Rob also had some speed and was the best safety in the league for years.

Barker has the speed that we need. Now, we just have to get up him up to speed with the CFL game and he will be back there for years to come.

I have not seen the game film on either of these 2 plays
so I won't be judgemental and say he blew the coverage.

What I do know is...

Safeties cover the deep zone against long passes
They are seldom assigned man-to-man pass coverage.


Pass plays are designed to lure the safety
away from the side of the field he is on.

So, it's possible...

Sandy was correctly covering another receiver

and the QB threw to his 2nd, 3rd or 4th read.

The QB won that chess move, because he had time
and saw a pass target that he could get the ball to.

Maybe it was good effort by Sandy to even be in the area
to try to help his defensive team-mate with his assignment.

Anyways, our O.C. Greg Marshall judges all his players on
their overall performance from game to game, Cap'n Kirk.

I never expect the coaches to pay any attention to the chatter on this board, but my opinion of Sandy hasn't changed. It was a nice article but all it did was confirm some of the criticisms. Not great size or speed, and has to make due with his smarts which is tough to see on the field. All I know is I see other safeties like Shabbaz in Winnipeg, Barrin Myles in BC, or Boulay in Montreal and these guys make plays on the ball, rather than just reacting to a completed pass. I try to read between the lines and all that article tell me is that Barker is the guy, but just needs a bit more experience. In 2010, Dylan will be the starter because the team will want to improve and Sandy will only be good enough to maintain the status quo. He isn't good enough to be the starting safety on an elite team, which just tells me the Ti-cats are not at that level yet.

How things change just a few weeks ago this guy was a bust get your name in the paper an Mr. Beveridge becomes the second coming of Ronnie Lott

I'm pretty sure the people defending Sandy now are the same people who have always defended him. Nothing has changed, really.

that totally works, when i read what you said i thought "Yea it could be worse, thank god we dont have Wayne Shaw in there"