Why run in around in the endzone--just kneel down

Why is it that, when kick returners give up singles and punters concede safety touches, they feel compelled to dance around for a few seconds first? To waste time? It seems to me that too many things can go wrong. And it makes no sense to see this in earlier quarters. Fumbling in that type of situation could be devastating.

they do this because lots of times especially on field goals there is fat slow people out there and if you can cut a corner in the endzone there might be a hudge hole to run out of. this is a smart move

When was the last time something actually went wrong?

this is one reason, and another is that yes, sometimes you do want to waste time, if you’re leading late in the game, or if your team going against a strong wind.

In 1998 or 99 Corey Grant danced around after taking a missed field goal vs. Tor.
Tor. defenders went slack thinking he would take the single.Grant went straight up the sideline for the second longest missed fg for a TD in league history.


Bashir Levingston did the same thing vs Calgary last year, he danced around for about 10 seconds, flowed to the left and found a seam.


I would just love to see Troy Westwood dance for 10 seconds..period, never mind taking it 125 yds to the house.
I was at a game in Molson stadium a few years back when Baker was punting. He ran around a few times in the endzone and twice got his block knocked off by the Cats. He just took a knee from that day forward.
Kick returners yes...kickers :oops:

I remember that as well, it occured with the game out of reach and the defensive players letting up and not laying a hit on him. It was a selfish classless play serving only to pad his stats and run up the score. Pinball was not pleased on the play.