Why Ricky Williams won't be a factor in the East final

The Olympic Stadium has also been a great concert stadium over the years. Pink Floyd and the Stones have played here. What happens at concerts? People smoke a lot of weed! With all of those sold out concerts that have been played at Olympic Stadium over the years (and the thousands of joints that have been smoked there, and it is a closed stadium), the place has a permanent smell of weed!
When Ricky Williams, with his extra sensitive pot/weed hungry metabolism enters Olympic Stadium, he'll get a high off of the smell alone! He'll be thinking of weed and tantric crap (or whatever else he thinks of) throughout the game!
I look forward to seeing a few Ricky Williams sandwiches (between a slice of Belli and Phillion) on Sunday!

Well if this isnt a fine example of bandwagon jumping
I guess since there are playing the final at home you are behind them again!

remember saying this?

Read the post. It’s meant to bash Ricky Williams, nothing else. You read to many things into what others write. Learn to read and comprehend text before lashing out at others.

uh huh
skate skate skate

Well my two cents' worth says that ro is ahead on points here........

To even things out, I'll be with Indydan on that one. He knows much more about being a non-factor than ro...

I have been put in my place. You guys and especially Ro have won. Congratulations to you. I have jumped off and on the bandwagon. I am such a bad fan. I forgot what I have been writing on this forum the past 6 months. I am such a sham. You have all proved me wrong. You have all called me a "this" and a "that", and you were all absolutely right.
I am at fault here. I am at fault for speaking (writing) my mind. Expressing my dissatisfaction with the Als (I never met a person who ranted on a team if they did not care...). I am at fault for believing that a fan was allowed to cheer, as well as criticise his team. I am at fault for believing that expressing views, with a little provocation, would only spark fierce and intelligent debate among Als fans; rather than spark fierce bashing of one's opinions, and especially, one's person (my own).
I felt so much like reacting against you guys, but I won't. No doubt, the lesser men among you will interpret this as my defeat, and will gloat and write messages saying I lost, or something "like that".
Goodbye guys, I am very disappointed I was not understood on these forums, but I will try and not harbour bad feelings towards you. Go ALS go! I was never OFF the bandwagon. But I believe a fan has the right to criticise his team. If I did not care about the ALS, I would not waste my time criticising them on this forum. But, I will bow out and not lose my time criticising any of you...

Hey, when I answered to your posts with my points you did not even bother replying.

If Toronto were to give the ball to him once every two downs he'd be able to carry the team i think. He's someone who absolutley must be a factor for Toronto.

He won't be. Williams running style fits a ball control offense; something that the Argos aren't. Right now he's not really a factor.