Why Richie Williams ?

I watched Winnipeg's last game against Toronto and he seemed the best QB of the worst. Was he released because his salary is higher? Was Leflors not released because that was(is) Mike Kelly's guy? I thought Randall? was pretty bad, maybe he should have been released. What do you Winnipeg fans know? or what thoughts can you offer ?

I don't think Randal had any repetition with the first team so I don't think judging him on his play would give anyone an accurate picture of his ablities. As for Williams I am sure he'll ctach on somewhere as he seems pretty good.

Plus Williams and Bishop pretty much have the same skill set so a bit understandable that he was let go.

You answered your own question.. if Kelly released LeFors he would look like a total idiot.. many CFL fans already know this, but quite a few Bomber fans would see it as well(you would think :? )...

from a bomber perspective catastrophe... as i said in a similar bomber thread, williams was our third best qb, i watched all but one day of training camp and both lefors and randall were more accurate and looked overall better than williams.

in pre season once again it was lefors and randall that looked good.. williams looked average at best

and in this last game against t.o williams completed 3 of 10 passes..in mop up time none the less...not effective at all... the penalties are what moved us down the field, not richie.

yes randall only went 1 of 5 but as alain said he has had hardly any reps with the top offence and has very little cfl experience. and he still looked better in practice then williams... so i think they are willing to give randall time to develope as a #2 or #3 guy for awhile before they fully evaluate his abilities.

yes lefors is kellys boy but he was also the best qb we had in camp... so now with bishop here williams became unnecessary..

Williams has no practice time whatsoever with the starting offence and still manages to complete a higher percent of passes than Randall. And yes, the ball was moved by penalties, but they were mostly pass interference penalties. Who's to say those catches wouldn't have been made if the Argos weren't breaking the rules?

Towelie I agree with what BigDave mentioned and also I'm not concerned about preseason. I watched Ritchie Williams when he was here in Hamilton and he wasn't great but better than Lefors and Randal anyday of the week. Why would you say it was garbage time, there was 1 quarter left and they were behind by around 2 TD's, not an unsurmountable total in this league. What looks great in practice and preseason doesn't always translate in real life games. I watched Lefors last year and I was never impressed with him; and I was very surprised when Winnipeg pinned their hopes on him in the offseason.I find that he has a very weak arm(maybe I'm imagining things). But I would pick Williams over your other 2 Qb's.

true the game wasnt completely out of reach but you could tell the bombers were not coming back

im not saying that preseason and practice means everything but think of it from a coaching perspective.. if two guys were better in camp and in pre season and you now have to release someone after week four... your going to keep the two that impressed you early, and release the other guy despite his experience... in fact his experience probably him because it comes with a slightly higher pricetag. maybe lefors can thrive as a backup to bishop and be a decent #2 guy off the bench

and keeping randall as a third string doesnt hurt.. showed promise in pre season and has a good skill set... maybe isnt cut out for this league but we are yet to see. one game cant make or break you.. williams would have been a career backup so with bishop in town the club opted to keep the cheaper option (randall) and kellys lover (lefors)

i liked williams but for the club this is the move that made the most sense

meant to say his experience probably hurt him ***

Unfortunately money always plays a factor, Williams was probably making more than Randal and you are right that Lefors would not be cut as this would be an admission of error from your coach Kelly. I don't know Kelly but there is something about him I don't like(looks arrogant). He also said that the shot gun doesn't belong in this league yet he had to use it once? last week. What do
Bombers fans think of him?

Richie Williams is probably close to as good as he's ever going to get. Randall has more potential for improvement than Williams which is probably why Kelly went the direction he did.

do you actually think Shivers interfered on that play?

"That play"? I don't know; depends on which play you're talking about. It was a week ago, and I don't have total recall of every play I watched last week. And I didn't tape or TiVo the game, so I can't watch it again.

I might have paid closer attention to the game, if it weren't being played by the two teams most likely to miss the playoffs.

Mike Kelly is an idiot Ritchie Williams was your best QB, well start looking forward to next season Winnipeg haha

The only thing I can say is that both Bauer and Kelly are incompetant.

....INCOMPETENT......A term used to describe the inability to perform a designated task correctly....And that would include spelling , wouldn't it dawg......sometimes you make me laugh... :lol: :lol: