Why Printers?

I see in some news articles that the BB are one of the teams in the running for signing Printers. I am a Rider fan and I even think that you have one of the best QB's in the league in Glenn. Neither would be happy as a back-up. So what happens if you sign him. Does Glenn get traded? It would make no snense to sighn Printers and then trade him. I agree that team has not got a proven (yet) 2nd or 3rd QB but you cannot succesfully keep 2 starters happy with 1 on the bench.

Of course you would trade one of your QB's eventually, but that could probably occur in the off-season. Printers is a valuable player in any shape or form if you can sign him. Trading him or your current starting QB could bring in several other starters that you need down the line. The biggest thing is cap space and can you fit him in for the rest of this season. I would see this being less about this year than next year if you sign Printers outside of Hamilton or BC (due to QB injuries) probably since he's not going to walk in and start anywhere else immediately.

were not inmtrerested in printers, im sure everyone in the league looked into it as much as brendan did. not much

it would be nothing less then completely idiotic to bring in a super high priced casey printers when we have such a great QB who earns every penny

Glenn is also the ultimate team guy taking Zero credit and always passing it off to his guys around him! Glenn is a Class act, casey, well... isnt

....here, here James.....you got it....in fact i would like to think the Bombers are interested in extending Glenns' contract with a sizable raise...he's proving he's worth every cent....and a helluva lot more if he finishes the season with the numbers he's putting up so far... :slight_smile: :thup:

it dosen't matter because the cat's got him!!
and you'll see why they wanted him on saturday

go cats !!!!!!!!!!!

Taman bid to make sure a decent price was paid, ended up not needing to thanks to the Als, but that’s why he did it.

He can get sacked 6 times and get up? Though I guess he has thrown less interceptions than the other Hamilton QB's.