why play Maas? He's obviously hurt

Maas has had his shot this year. He can manage the offence well if he throws short passes, but his injuries definitely prevent him from throwing the long ball with any authority. Flick should be given a medal for not complaining after Maas underthrew him on two easy TD's against Toronto.

I also think Lancaster has had enough of Maas after the latter took a stupid sack on the last series against the Argos, when we desperately needed to get into field goal position.

Like Desjardines, I like Maas, but it is time to let him sit and heal so he can be better for next year. We cannot win a game with a QB who can't throw a ball 30 yards or more accurately. We haven't scored a TD with Maas at the controls in four straight games!

I fully expect Eakin and Williams to both get some starts, beginning next week.

I hope that you are right because it is no good to play maas and pile up stats if you are not winning. If we are going to lose anyway we should be letting the backup QB’s show their stuff.
Give Maas time to heal so we can see if he is the right player to run the offence.

Because our QB Depth is Awful
it was thought to be Strong During Camp.
But has proven to be a Weakness

If Maas is hurt, then he has been hurt since the beginning and we GOT DAMAGED GOODS.
I can't even put into words the frustration this season.
But like it or lump it, I wish we still had Danny in the back up seat. If he is happy in that position in Calgary, THEN WHY THE HELL DID HAMILTON NOT KEEP HIM. HE DIDN'T FIT INTO THE MARKETING MOLD.

With DMac this year, we win this game yesterday, DMac could flip his wrist and get that ball to Flick without even any effort.

I so totally agree, which makes it even more frustrating. Why if he is happy in a back up role in Calgary or Edmonton when we first got dupped into getting damaged goods.

Oh I AM JUST SO FRUSTRATED I COULD SCREAM, YELL, ROLLOVER, CRY SHALL I GO ON. The only bright spot left for this season is going to see the 86' Grey Cup team.

No kidding, following the thoughts of the previous posters. how many of us got shouted down when we said "Keep Danny to mentor Eakin". we thought we had Beutjer too, but again, nobody even gave him a chance. then we find Williams and what do we do???? We leave him on the bench to justfy playing the BIG TRADE and BIG Money MASS MISTAKE! :thdn: