Why Pepsi?

I never really understood this. Like did BC Place serve Coke during the olympics for the first time because Coca-Cola is the official drink of the olympics?

But as soon as the olympics leaves both GM place and BC Place go back to the flat pop that is Pepsi. Gross. Thumbs down.

I also prefer Old Dutch chips any day of the week to Frito Lay flimsy crap.

Hands down worldwide if you compare straight up sale of just Coca-Cola, none of its other products, vs Pepsi and none of its other products (36% of its revenues come from frito lay, and more from the other companies they own like Pizza Hut if i'm not mistaken) Coca-Cola outsells it hands down like 2-1. Yet we're forced to drink nasty Pepsi. At least Subway got it right and switched to Coca-Cola.

Pepsi is not flat. It has more bite than coke. Pepsi rules.

No coke... pepsi

Love that SNL skit... but can't stand pepsi. I wish they'd serve coke as well.

I like Diet Pepsi....Diet Coke leaves me with an awful after taste for hours.....

Agreed. Pepsi is numero uno. :thup: Especially Diet Pepsi

And I also agree that Old Dutch chips are far superior to Frito Lays

You might like Pepsi more, but there's no way it has more fizz than Coke. Coke is the fizziest pop on the market. Whenever I taste Pepsi it tastes like a less fizzy version of coke with more sugar. The only thing I like about Pepsi at BC Place is Dr.Pepper, which interestingly enough is only distributed by Pepsi in North America, but by Coca-Cola almost anywhere else in the world. That's mainly because nobody really owns Dr.Pepper apparantly I can't really remember the whole story anymore. That is the one thing I like at BC Place for pop so that's not a bad thing. I just wish I could enjoy my Coca-cola there.

An interesting story i may never try again, I tried to sneak a 1 litre coca-cola from 7-11 half drank into GM Place and hte police saw me almost at my seat in the concourse, somehow made it inside and they thought i was smugglin booze and the gm place staff said i could keep it in storage. ANd i did and i actually picked up my half drank coca-cola after the game, and drank it. lol. I was 15 or 16 tho.

[b]If I must drown, let it be in a vat of Pepsi!!!

Coke is okay with a few drops of vanilla. Otherwise forget it! :rockin: [/b]

fizz vs bite. I will take bite anyday. I love to chugalug pepsi tills it hurts the back of my throat. How much that happens depends on if you drink it out of a glass.

I notice that with most restaurants, the mix for both is off so that it doesnt really matter which it is.

I can`t argue... Pepsi is the choice of the new generation. Those of us who are older and wiser drink Coke.

That classic ad just wouldn`t be the same.... The kid passes Mean Joe Green his Pepsi, Joe takes a sip and spits it out all over the floor in disgust. Not the same.

I don't think that's true at all. I think the majority of people in any age group worldwide drink Coke more than Pepsi.

McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, A&W, Subway, Famous Players now even, all serve coke. Subway and Famous Players used to serve Pepsi. The Olympics I mentioned already.

I'm 27 I love Coke. Most people I know drink coke too. Interesting to see this board is all pepsi drinkers tho it seems lol.

Come to think of it they had Coke at Empire. That must mean PNE is Coke as well. Another bonus for the Giants games. lol

Those old ad's that used to show miniscule preference for Pepsi over Coke REALLY demonstrated that the vast majority of people can't tell the difference. Much the same for Molson Canadian vs Labatts Blue. All products designed to appeal to the broadest market and lowest common-denominator taste so that marketing determines success rather than unique character of the product.

FYI for those of you uninformed, read the labels, pepsi has LESS sugar than coke

and canada dry ginger ale has more than coke.

And a honey bee hive has even more!!

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Interesting comment. I checked several websites and the majority of them say Coke is higher in sugar content. Odd isn't it? BUT there was one site that showed that Pepsi was marginally higher. Now you've really got my curiosity. We're heading out to do some grocery shopping so I'm going to check the labels for myself. :thup:

The problem with the Pepsi test was they give you such a small sip of pop you can't even taste it was such a boloney test.

I can taste it when I drink Pepsi, I used to drink Diet Pepsi even cuz I though it tasted better when I was a kid. Eventually found that Coke had less of a taste but more of a fizzy taste. The problem is tho there are three different flavours of coke and pepsi. There's aluminum can, plastic bottle, and glass bottle. Guaranteed you go get a glass bottle of coke, preferably the 355ml, and you'll remember a taste to coke that I haven't tasted since I was a kid, has way more of that cola taste. A plastic bottle always tastes funny, and the 700 ml for some reason taste really weird, i don't know why, except for dr.pepper. But Coke epsecially tastes weird in 710 ml bottles.

I don't think you can beat Coke in an ice cold glass, you can even look at the difference between a big glass full of coke and ice and a pepsi the same. Coke in a the 355ml glass bottles takes the cake. I don't know why its different but the container changes the taste no question, god knows what we are drinkin in those plastic bottles or aluminum cans either lol. Good luck finding a 355ml glass bottle of coke that's not from mexico tho, i've only found a store that has them outside of vancouver, haven't found any in the city yet that has the big glass bottles, not the small 260ml ones you get at wal-mart tho, those suck.

Just pick the one that tastes disgusting - That's the Pepsi.