Why Orange Is Better Than Green

Orange is bright and beautiful, green is envious and jealous.

Orange food/drinks are good (orange juice, oranges). Green food is rotten and has hung around too long. No one likes green stuff - chuck it out.

Even green leaves can't hold on - most eventually turn orange, only to then cover the ground with their beauty (and hide what little green is left underfoot - although most has turned to mucky slop by this time).

The sunset displays gorgeous hues of orange. A campfire casts a warm, orange glow. Ogres, trolls and puke are green.

When you're "green", you're inexperienced. If you're green around the gills, even worse. So "orange" you just so glad you're not green?


:thup: :thup: :thup: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

The ma's favourite colour is orange, but I'm more partial to blue and green.

Oh, and about your second point... what about green drinks? Can't go wrong with lime!

Hmmmmm ORANGE JUICE>lime juice Lions>Riders looks to be the same. Go Lions Go :rockin:

Watermelon tastes much better than pumpkins :smiley:

You're not supposed to eat the outside of the watermelon. :wink:

I thought the inside was red LOL.

Many blondes are orange.