Why only two?

What I don't understand is how in a professional football league you only have two preseason games to evaluate your talent! It must be a money thing. The way it works now is that most teams play all the new guys in game one. That means you could be a regular Tony Gabriel or a Garney Henley but if you screw up in that game for whatever the reason they can't afford to keep you around for the next game since by then they have to make decisions on the final roaster. I think you need a minimum of three games to effectively evaluate talent and prepare for the season. The current set up is unfair to new players and tough on the teams. Adding some preseason games would help insure that teams where better prepared to start the season.

Awake! Been like this for more than 15 years.


Isn't the NFL throwing around the idea of shortening their pre-season from 4 games to 2 or 3 games?

Maybe the CFL was just ahead of the curve.

Regular season games = more gate receipts = more money.

Good times were had by all.

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Yah I know. But in the last 15 years we have seen a bunch of changes in the CFL why not this?

I think 2 games is plenty.

Make the Black and Gold game a real game and BAM... perfection.

I hear you. But in fairness to all involved, fans, players, coaches can you really put the best you've got on the field after such a short game evaluation time.

Just 2 games is fine for the pre-season. I wish camp was at least a week longer though. You really can't properly and fairly evaluate 80 guys in 2 weeks.

NFL camps are 5-6 weeks so I don't know why the CFL can't have at least 3. We also play 2 more regular season games up here. I notice every single season that almost all teams in the CFL look quite rusty the first 3 weeks in the regular season.

I really think the CFL would get more respect in the long run if we had longer camps. Players would look and perform better from the start of the season and improve the general quality of the game for all 8 teams.

Oh I totally understand what you are saying and I wish television contracts and ticket sales weren't the determining factors in professional sports, but that is just the way it is nowadays.

As we all have found out by this whole NHL debacle, the public's opinion is usually trumped by the almighty greenback or some ulterior motive.

Many franchise owners, league commissioners, and media tycoons have a lot of money, and therefore they feel they are smarter and know what's best for us common folk.

Sad but true.

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[url=http://blog.thefanyard.com/football/cfl-outsmarts-nfl-with-preseason-games-69919.html]http://blog.thefanyard.com/football/cfl ... 69919.html[/url]

Read it. Digest it. LOL

The changes to the preseason coincided with the increase of the regular season from 16 to 18 games per club in 1986.

The length of the season is something that is collectively bargained, so changing the length of the preseason schedule would have to be ratified by the CFLPA. I don’t think that the idea of players going 22 games (preseason + regular season) plus playoffs is a recipe for extending careers. Sorry.

Chances would be that rosters would need to be expanded in order to cope with added risk of injury over longer training camps. Insurance costs would also increase.

Players would have their offseasons shortened. Since most players need off-season work to supplement their football income, this would be an added burden. Players are only given a daily stipend during camp, so extending the season in that way would not be productive for them.

Having two extra regular season games mean more TV revenue. Hence the change to a 18-game season and why the NFL is talking about adopting it.

There is no groundswell for preseason games to be televised. Oh yay, we get to see Joe Palooka from Nimblenutz Tech in a monster position battle for special teams assassin in the first of four preseason games – in late May…I doubt that you would see a push for that.

The question of what value having more game time to evaluate talent is one that can be debated. Unfortunately, the CFL does not have the economics to run a month-and-a-half camp structure as it once did. Cap implications mean that roster size for preseason are fixed at 75 at the beginning of camp. The issue is whether extending the CFL marathon by two weeks would make coaches any bigger Einsteins at evaluating talent than the current camp structure. Methinks not.

Oski Wee Wee,


The preseason games stink. It's played mostly by guys who are fighting for back up spots and the starters play a little bit to get their timing down.

The game tomorrow nite will be exciting in the first half and then just trail off.

The NFL stinks with its 4 or 5 pre season games. Yes, the Bills will play 5 preseason games. That's just way too much. There is no reason for it.

So it takes a game or two of the regular season to get in sync with your schemes but at least the games mean something.

Nowadays, the players stay in game shape all year round. They periodically meet with the coaching staff and they have enough meetings during camp to know the playbook. The only thing they really get out of the preseason is the timing that might have been lost in the offseason. Maybe back in the 50s or 60s or 70s you might have needed the extra games but not now. With the way athletes traing themselves today, there is not need for many preseason games.

The problem with preseason games is that no one wants to go to them. Season ticket holders go because it's a part of their package. The cats were giving away 2 tix with every aparel purchase at the store for father's day.

The NHL is bad for preseason games. They usually play between 8-12 games. The season ends in June nowadays and they start training camp in August. Why does the NHL need so many preseason games? A lot of teams play neutral site games to garner extra money.

To sum up, less preseason, more regular season.

Your right. Preseason games aren't really fun to watch and we don't need a whole bunch of them (4-5) but on the other hand its tough for an American player never having played our game to show after a two week camp and maybe (if lucky) two pre games. If you listen to the coach's report he mentioned the fact that some of the American players where just now starting to catch on to the Canadian game. So how can anybody expect some of these guys to play full out if their still learning where to line up. If not pre games then Zenstate's suggestion...extend traing camp by another week. I guess I feel a bit sorry for the guys who after playing down south for 12 years come up here and under a whole different set of rules are really given two weeks to get it together. Is that a fair way to evaluate talent?

If we had 4 pre-season games, there would only be 16 regular season games. We must like it the way it is here, personally I do and the NFL must too as they are trying to adapt our season system.