Why only Three (3) practices?

Charlie Taffe is quoted as saying the Casey Printers only had three practices with the team before the Winnipeg game.

On Saturday September 8th, OUR Ticats played Toronto. (Casey dressed, but didn't play) While it was an away game, it was only 40 kilometres away. One would think they would be in their own beds later that night.

I would think Sunday would be a day of rest.

Monday would be Film Day, gathering everyone together to experience the game from a fans' point of view.

That leaves Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday to practice before the game on Saturday. And if it truly is "Back to Training Camp", then they should be doing two-a-days to get CP up to speed.

I don't get it. The record is soo bad that the team should be practicing everyday if it isn't game day. Practice makes perfect. Keep doing it over and over again until you get it right?


"Me thinks thou doest rest too much"


The Bassman


The day before a game is a "walk through".

No serious practice goes on.

Saturday looked sort of like a walk through to me.

I do beleive there is a union-mandated limit on the number of practices the team can hold. Given the low salary some of these players play for, I can see why.

Yes, that's right, union rules. There's a limit to the number of practices. Basically, unless it's a road game, the players 'work' 5 days a week - 3 practice days, one walk-through day, game day. For road games add a travel day (or two if you're going west) and then of course there's lots of film watching occurring on other days, as I understand it.

That doesn't leave alot of time for a 2nd job, but I remember seeing an article in the paper a couple of years ago about a bunch of the Argos working part-time at Home Depot during the season.


There will be 4 Practices

There one today
There are Ones Tomorrow Wednesday & Walk threw.