Why Obie is scared to sign Lumsden...

Because we invested so much money in big corn heads to sell to people. Thats all, give Lumsden a chance to compete for the job. If given a fair shot he will beat out Cobb for the job and if at least they both would make a dynamite backfield together. Sign him before the blue team does and Jesse runs all over us on labour day. Give him another shot!!!
ok i'm done.

Well, those Cobb heads do sell, but seriously the fact that Lumsden has shown to be more fragile then a wine glass may also have something to do it. I'd be willing to sign Lumsden if the price was low enough, and if his contract was on a game by game basis, not a whole season.

Could he be cleared medically, or is he done?

...[i]released by the Edmonton Eskimos on Wednesday, having failed to receive medical clearance to return to full contact on the gridiron.

"We've had several meetings with our medical staff; we met as a group last week and we met with our athletic therapist yesterday one final time to accumulate all the information possible. Basically, what they're saying is he would not be ready to go to camp and participate in activities," said Maciocia.

"The possibility that he could sustain another shoulder (dislocation) is about 30 to 40 per cent, which is quite high coming off the surgery he came off last season."[/i]

Read more: http://www.edmontonjournal.com/sports/f ... z0pebpRHLa

You spelled “Kenton Keith” incorrectly.

are you drunk?
on drugs?
or just stupid?

Obie isn't scared of anything. He's sensible. Lumsden, I'm sorry to say, is finished with football. He's got great talent but he just can not stay healthy, for whatever reason. I'm sure he's a tough guy and plays hard but, c'mon, we don't need to rehash him.

Cobb has earned the starting job against all odds. It's not just that we've invested money in cobb heads. This is a man that came in as 4th string last season, got a chance to play, and did it so well that he knocked two top tier running backs out of the competition. 1800+ all purpose yards and he's durable. He'll be our back for some time to come. There's no need for us to revisit the past.


Ugh, again? Seriously? Why are Ti-Cat fans so hung up on this guy? Lumsden may have more talent than Cobb, but Cobb has one thing Lumsden has never had: durability. The reason those Cobb Heads sold so well last year is that Cobb actually played last year. Lumsden's hype has always exceeded his actual production. It's time to let this go.

Yea, thats it, Obie is scared. :roll:

I agree. And while we're at it....I think we should re-sign Joe Zuger before someone else does!!!!! At least he could punt.

Obie is wise, Perhaps JL is asking tomuch? Who knows! for all we know they verry well could work something out

I think it's all 3. :slight_smile:

First off, I’m sure “I will sack you” said what he did with tongue in cheek. Second- There’s nothing I would want to see more than a healthy JL playing for the Cats again. I have my doubts that it will ever happen. But Cobb and Lumsden would be a great one-two punch. Lumsden should take a year off to completely heal and then try again.

It's time for Lumsden to retire gracefully, the kid's got heart but he's made of glass.

17 out of the last 24 posts from OP is about Jesse....Can you say obsessed!!!

sure why not sign him .. we need a great starter for our special injured list team

Jess is a Friend and Even if I love to see him back in Black and Gold again
It Won't happen for 3 Reasons
(1) Obie Offer Jess a Contact Extension in his Option year (He Turned it down)
(2) His Injury History Make him a huge Risk this has been stated by few GM's
(3) Hamilton is going with American Backs
Unless He Plays TE/FB Where we play Canadian with less Risk.

I don't see him being signed by anyone Right away
His Best Shot maybe Toronto
I Hope he signs there and Proves us all Wrong.
He Maybe will get a Shot somewhere as Mid-season Replacement

In the past how many talented boxers didn't make in boxing because they had a glass jaw. :frowning:

I’m pretty sure we won’t have to worry about seeing him on Labour Day regardless of where he signs. Would be nice to see the guy catch a break,though.

I would like to see Jesse sign with us early in the regular season
as a role-player, starting with returning kick offs and then punts.