Why not?

Ive been googling the recent happenings of the Ottawa Renegade revival, like Lansdowne Live and the stadium renovation. However, I have seen that there are alot of people that are strongly against all of this. Why?

There's not a lot of people... they're just loud.

The stadium is located in their neighbourhood (called the Glebe). They're fighting Lansdowne Live because they don't want any large events to happen at Lansdowne. They want it to be a park or something small and peaceful that they will get to enjoy but won't be attractive enough to have any visitors from the rest of the city.

The city already voted once to shoot down their objections, which is a good thing. Since then, they haven't come up with any new material, it's just the same old crap. Hopefully it'll smell just as bad to city council the second time around as it did the first.

So basically its just a group of neighbors fighting off a project suported by nearly an entire country...smoooooooth


What is giving them ammo is that after Lansdowne Live came forward, one of the city councillors suggested an "international" competition for the rights to develop the area the stadium is in. Council, for some reason, approved (probably just to give others a chance).

But when the CFL made the conditional franchise official, the city put an end to that competition without putting it to a vote. That pissed off those who were all in favour of the competition and gave them the chance to kick and scream that the whole thing was favourable treatment for Lansdowne Live.

Sadly, loudness gets attention, though ... squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that. How loud is the pro-Lansdowne Live group?

We're quietly very loud. :wink:

The only poll or survey we've ever lost have been the ones in the Ottawa Sun about whether or not the city should support soccer or football. Those ended up on Toronto FC and Senators' sites, so we were vastly out-noumbered.

Those aren't particularly respected as recently the subject of the poll was whether Archie did the right thing by asking Veronica to marry him.

Edit: I voted yes on that one...Her old man's a jerk, but she's loaded and I dig brunettes. :thup: