Why not Williams

Why not try Richie Williams this week? How could he do any worse than Mass and Chang? Chang is still learning the game so he is excused, but Mass is a different story. The teams that destroyed us this season had mobile QB's, so why not use our moblie QB instead of him holding a clip board. Common Sense Charlie and Marcel.

Common Sense Charlie and Marcel.
Interesting question but I really doubt it's common sense to start richie.

learning curves seem to be different for every player new to the CFL and I think that Williams requires a bit more time, during the exhibitions this season he seemed lost, and was unable to control his offence. He looked totally amateur out there drawing 2-3 procedure penalities in 5 snaps.

I don't blame him he is new to the game new to the coaching scheme and will only improve with time but he isn't ready to start in teh CFL

Because he's the worst of the 3!

Anybody would look bad and confused if they had the 3rd string O-Line (which was the case for Williams in the exhibition games this year). 7/17 - does anyone know those stats? That's Mass td/int ratio last season and not much better this year. How could he be the worse of the three in4td with nubers like that in front of him?

Shouldn't the coaches have had this figured out before the season started?

Too much controversy.

I'm not disagreeing that he is, and should be considered, the third-string QB.

But, wouldn't it be kinder, and more correct to say, "He's the least best of the 3!"

An application of the old question."Is the glass half-full or half-empty"

To which the correct answer is "Refill, please!"

Buck Pierce used to be 3rd string....and now..

(just something to think about I guess)

Hey football fan 07,

I kind of agree with you re: Richie.
People have to remember how young this guy and the potential he possesses.
When he was put into action in the preseason it was with the third stringers, therefore this must be taken into account when assessing his play. It's taken Maas three or four games with a ton of reps to get the hang of Charlie's system. Chang is still not familiar with the system. He's hitting on some big plays and that's good, but he's still all over the field with some of his passes.
With more reps and familiarity with the system I think Richie will become a top notch qb with the Cats.
This kid has quick feet, can throw on the run, runs the ball well and has a real good arm on him.
Hopefully we'll develop him properly.

Bring back Jon Beutjer!

Bring back Ben Sankey!

:D :D :D

Ugh. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Hay if Your all Going for old Quaterbacks
why being best of all time.

What not Bring in "Slinging" Sammy Baugh


We could save 3 Spots Quarterback, Defensive Halfback and Punter

Good idea starting Williams. :thup: -- At B&G scrimmage he looked poised, and capable of Breaking down a defence!Ie he can run N/S and get first downs :rockin:

How much would anybody like to bet that we see him play in BC?

We know who is going to start!

We know who will be sent in when the game is out of reach!

I wouldn't be surprised to see Williams get 4th quarter action with less than a minute to play and down by 20 points! :roll: