Why not try David Ball??

With Prechae Rodriguez injured and Chris Davis gone, this would be a good time to put in David Ball. I like his stats, hes a good size and i think he would fit well on this team. Take out Drisan James and put in Ball and give him a shot...what does everyone else think??


8) Unfortunately, Mr. Ball is on the 9 game IR.

This David Ball maybe a good player but this is his second injury and he hasn't played a game yet.

It could also be his 2nd "injury"

Why is everyone so focused on this guy, as opposed to any of the other practice roster/2nd-string receivers?

The only thing I remember about him was that he had a catch (albeit a nice one) in the Black & Gold game. Is that the reason? Everyone remembers that one catch?

Are you suggesting that David ball is showing
signs that he might be injury-prone, ballboy?

Firstly, I would call what David Ball has,
‘a hurt’ rather than a significant injury

In my opinion, as far as I can tell,
his injuries have been very minor.

Secondly, Ball may be on the 9 day injury reserve list
to save salary cap space for a late season aquisition.

Dave and a defender went up high for a pass
recently at practice and he came down awkwardly.

Any player, injury prone or not, can get hurt
jumping up to catch a ball against a defender

or tweak something simply running a pass route
or reaching out or reaching back to catch a ball.

yeah 9 games injured list wink wink

your nuts if you think teams don't tuck/hide players away on the injured list. It happens all the time. The Ticats Brass obviously like what they see from David Ball & at the same time realized that they'll be no spot for him this year so instead of cutting him they place him on the injured list. I gurantee you Ball will be given every chance to become a major factor in this offence next season. Its a gut feeling.