Why not trade a 1st round pick for a receiver?

So, could you name us another WR in the CFL who has more receptions and yardage than Thelwell over the last 5 years or so?

Ralph & Morreale are better than Fantuz? - yeah, OK, could be, we'll see this season.

Fantuz will be good...dont get me wrong hes good but at the moment hes over-rated, he still needs more time to develop dont forget people he has only played in 22games( including preseason and playoffs) in his whole life. So the MOMENT Ralph & Morreale are better...But in a year or two it will be Fantuz in a landslide

Who's asking for such declarations?

I find that, for me, there are a lot more interesting topics here than the hypothetical.

It reminds me of "the Leaf fans" who phone in to the Fan590 and wants to trade Antropov for Crosby. That's the kind of pointless and futile discussion I'm talking about. Sure it's an extreme example but I think it makes the point.

But hey, TETO. Go crazy.

your not serious are you? :roll:

heres a couple

Milt Stegall, Geroy Simon, Jason Tucker, Gerald Vaughan, Jason Clermont, Ben Cahoon, Copeland, DJ Flick,

Last I saw, Gerald Vaughan was a halfback. Then again, he might have more return yards after interceptions...

I was talking about wide-receiver; the players you listed, outside of Flick - who has not done as much as Thelwell over the last 5 years, and including
Gerald, er, Terry Vaughn, line-up at slotback in the CFL; different positions that you might not be aware of - never mind then.

Hmm,. Jason Tucker hasn't done anything? he's probably the best WR in the league, Copeland hasn't done anything either? damn he's much better wideout than Thewell, I guess Arland bruce is another one too eh? oh but your right about the other ones, my mistake they are slot backs but the above "you might not we aware of" are WR.

Again, I guess you don't understand the difference or don't really watch much CFL, but Tucker, Copeland and Bruce all play slotback in the CFL, especially in the last few years - Bruce and maybe Tucker may have lined-up at WR some when they were first in the league, Copeland has always been at slotback. And FYI - slotbacks are the #1 and often #2 receivers on most CFL teams and get more passes thrown their way than wide-outs; Thelwell has been the most productive WR in the CFL over the last 5 years or so; I get that you haven't seen the BC Lions play much but it is possible to look up receiving stats on the CFL site.

ya I checked the site and thats were tucker, copeland, bruce have been listed at WR. And FYI Tucker has never played SB and Copeland is 90% WR. As for Bruce ya he's maybe 50/50 sb/wr. I watch enough games too.

Copeland 90% WR??????

Well I can assure you he NEVER played wideout for Montreal, and I think, but I stand to be corrected, that he's always at SB for Calgary as well.

It's nice that you checked a site for some info, but actually watching football games and players gives you some better insight a lot of the time - you should try it :roll: Tucker plays slotback for the Esks, Copeland has been exclusively at slotback for both the Als & Stamps; Bruce has been at slotback with the Argos but he may have played some WR in his days with the Bombers a number of years back. You making a ludicrous claim that "Copeland is 90% WR" says it all.

Well you’d hope that the CFL site would be accurate considering it’s the main area for info.

As for watching other games, Ya I used to be a die Hard CFL fan and watch every team play up until a 5 years ago when I realized how BUSH this league really is. So if you got the time to sit around and watch all the games week in week out im happy for ya. You must enjoy poor officiating & below average players. It is entertaining though :lol: & I will be a cat fan for life.

Maybe the site is wrong (which would prove how bush this league really is).

This is supposed to bolster your arguments?

Outside of the Cats you haven't watched CFL in 5 years and you're debating with fans who do watch?