Why not trade a 1st round pick for a receiver?

Any thoughts?

Im sure we could get a top notch receiver for our 1st overall pick or even for our 1st round 4th pick.

Its entirely possible...unless a player really stands out for the top pick. With good scouting you can find a receiver anywhere.

Trading a non-import for an Import is a bad idea which essentially what trading a draft pick for an American receiver is.

"Apparently" American wide-outs are the easiest commodity to find.

Lets hope we can get one.

Goodness knows we have not brought in a good American wide-out since...Tony Miles??


Canadian draft pick makes much less money than American Wideout.

Gotta watch those precious SMS dollars.

Stryka's suggestion makes some sense when you consider the following:

  1. Between this year's picks, the guys we selected last year who went back to school, and the "depth" players we've picked up through trades, we have more green non-imports coming into camp than we can possibly carry on our roster. (Or alternatively, more rookies than you'd ever want on one team.)

  2. We have virtually no experienced receivers

  3. If we wait for other teams' castoffs, we will end up with players who are considered less desirable than the guys those teams kept. And once again we will be trying to beat other teams with players who couldn't crack their rosters.

I'd like to grab a player the other team hated to part with, rather than someone they would likely have cut.

It doesn't have to be a first round pick.

We don't really need to send away draft picks right now. We're rebuilding. We don't need a quick fix, we need a long-term solution, we can draft them, and sign un-drafted NFL rookies.

I disagree we need a solid go to receiver, something we haven't had since flutie. If it takes giving up a 1st round pick then so be it. Going into a season with all rookie receivers is ludacris. Ralph & Morreale as our only returning starters scares me. Holmes i'm sure will be used as a SB and thats great but I'd like a steller Wideout. Like ExPat said it would be nice to grab a receiver a team doesn't want to cut due to SMS. Ie. Tucker, Copeland, Armstrong, Dominguez

Dont worry about recievers they Cats know we need recievers and they`ll bring some in . No way they would give up on a first over all pick . Your only as good as your Canadian talent IMO .

How bout the possibility of using the 1st overall draft pick to draft a receiver who's maybe as good or better than you can come up with otherwise via free agency or trade?; trading a 1st round pick for a Jason Tucker or Geroy Simon calibre receiver ain't gonna happen - no CFL teams will make that trade - you're looking at more like a Brazzell or Cavil iffy hands/attitude quality in return - better off IMO to sign some more young FAs - an ex-NFLer or a new import out of US college ball + pick a top receiver in the draft and hope those types can step-up in real competition in TC. Too bad they couldn't have landed Thelwell - would have been an instant upgrade to the corps as maybe the best pure wide-out in the CFL lately - thought he wanted to come back home east but i guess the Stamps' stepped-up with the bucks - wonder if Marcel made a serious attempt there?

Ryan Thewell is definatly not the "best pure wide-out" in the league, and i'm glad we didn't pick up the 35 year old. As for drafting a top receiver, ain't gonna happen either. Top receivers (canadian) are a rare commodity. Only ones I can think of that belong in the top 10 receivers of the league are Cahoon & Clermont. Fantuz was a top draft last year and IMO Ralph & Morreale are better.

Well heres hoping we sign a couple of rooks that become stars and don't flee after this season.

I'd like to see us trade for a guy thats commited to the CFL and has experience. Not to mention #'s to back it up.

I'm sure all the other seven teams would gladly send the Ticats a WR for their #1 draft pick. But it wouldn't be one of the elite WR.
Hamilton will have to find some good ones like everybody else, from the dozens of free agents cut by the NFL.
I thought they had a big speedy receiver last year in Gardner but they let him go. His NFL scouting report said "gets off the line well..will make catches in traffic..can get open deep...mustlearn to run consistent patterns and how to block." But there was was more thing added "has non-football issues." That must have been the reason he was released because I thought he was the best Ticat WR in camp.
But there has to be some more Tuckers, Simons, Stegalls and Bruces out there some where just waiting to be found.

I don't see the fun in playing Let's-pretend-to-be-the-GM game. This isn't meant as a shot at anyone. I know some people enjoy discussing hypothetical trades, but for me it's futile and pointless.

If such a move is deemed helpful to the team by Marcel then I'm sure he'll try to make it happen.

I'd have to disagree with Stryka-17 on Ralph & Morreale being better receivers than Fantuz. Fantuz was only in his first year in the CFL and he has comparable numbers to either of those two and he only started the last 9 games of the season, give him a full season to start and last year's experience and I think he will be head and shoulders better than Ralph and Morreale (Mike has had a good career but he is more of a role player now).

2006 Stats:

Yards Ave TD

Ralph 41 457 11.1 3
Morreale 26 322 12.4 0
Fantuz 30 408 13.6 3

As for trading a 1st round pick for a receiver I'd have to agree with TCanuck, unless it's a Simon or Tucker it would be better to build up our Canadian talent base (one of the few benefits of placing dead last in the league).

I think the receiver spots will work themselves out what I am more concerned with is the P/K and punting positions. Special teams have been horrible for too long hopefully one of the four kickers will pan out. I wonder if the team will bring in the rookie kickers to the rookie camp to weed out the fodder sooner so their can be a more focused competition between Boreham and the new guys?

Unless we get an Arland Bruce by trading one of our #1 picks, I'm against it.

We can pick up two guys with our first two picks in the first round (#1 and #4) who can start. I'm thinking a receiver and safety.

There are some good Canadian football players out there and Craig Smith and DJD are aware of who they are. They will not let this draft be a wasted opportunity in that regard.

When you are rebuilding, you don't trade away the future. The key in almost every pro sports league now is managing the Cap and scouting and drafting well.If we can do those things, the receivers and impact Canadians will come.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Well said Pat. I couldn't agree with you more.


Wayne Smith was the first overall pick in 2004. With 3 years of experience he is more valuable now than he was as a rookie. And we just traded him for a third string QB.

If we declare it futile and pointless to play "Let's-pretend-to-be-the-coach" as well, then I guess we can go ahead and shut down this board. Or else leave it up so that we can discuss cheerleaders and stadium amenities.

Wayne Smith couldn’t even make the starting O-Line last year. Trading him freed up a spot on the bench for anyone else who underperforms.

The Depth charts tell a different story, tsa.

Check the first half of the season when he started at Guard
and later in the season when he started as an Offensive Tackle.

click here

He got injured in mid-season, and when he returned,
his injuries hampered his mobility to play Guard
so he backed up and then started at Offensive tackle.

Like Tim Cheatwood he got dumped for "underperforming"
because played for us injured instead of sitting out.