Why Not?? Ticats in Buffalo to play the Argos!!!

Was watching "Really OTR" tonight with all the Argos players and Lansberg.....It was great to see how all of them voiced their displeasure with the NFL coming up to Toronto to plays several games over the 5 years....Bishop actually had a great idea (not that anybody didn't think of this before) of having the Ticats play them in Buffalo...Hey, makes a whole lot of sense, especially if we can allow them in our league venue...then why can't they do the same...perhaps the Commish should push that idea for some sort of compensation for all the players using the CFL as window of opportunity in getting back to the NFL......If anything it would definitely create some EXPOSURE and terrific MARKETING, despite the fact that is onl Buffalo....

A long-die hard CFL FAN


We don't want our players going back to the NFL, they have jobs, why does the commisioner have to compensate anything for them? we want to keep our players here so we can build them into superstars recogznizable to the community to build interest with the younger generation(my generation).

the irony of a cfl game in buffalo does have some appeal.

by having the NFL show good faith and allowing such a game to take place in Buffalo it would serve as a form of compensation to the CFL.....unfortunately we as Mr. Cohon stated were the ones who walked away from any such working agreement in their most recent discussions...

Our rules would just confuse their fans.

I don't think it would be a problem...after all we do have a bunch of American CFL fans now as a result of the "American Experiment" 15 years ago!

I'd go just to be part of a game there!


I know the tailgate party would be fantastic...we wouldn't have to "look over our shoulder".

It might surprise some people with the amount of interest it may generate on the American side!

Would a CFL field fit inside the stadium?

Never Say Never.

You couldn't give the tickets away. The 10,000 or so fans from this side of the border would look lost in the stands. People in the Buffalo area have no idea at all about the CFL believe me. Have brought the subject up with them on more than one occassion. If you aren't a Bill or a Sabre forget it.

Woody, a CFL field might be a fit in some stadiums south of the border but not in Buffalo, it looks like a hockey rink!

For what? I drink at almost every tailgate (beer and liquor)and have even had police drop by for a courteous visit twice and they have never mentioned anything about drinking. As I said, polite and courteous.

Would a CFL field fit inside the stadium?
Judging by this picture, I'd say no. [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/e/e6/Ralph_Wilson_Stadium.jpg/800px-Ralph_Wilson_Stadium.jpg]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/c ... tadium.jpg[/url]

I have to agree - but if you could schedule a CFL game as part of a double header with an NFL game it might work. Have the CFL game begin a noon and the NFL game at 4PM, the CFL teams would have to play on the NFL field.

  1. Have you been to a Bufflao game? Back to back games would never work as too many drunks would never last.

  2. What's the point of playing on an NFL field?. The CFL field is the single most distincive aspect of our game, I believe. More so than the 3 downs and 12th man.

“Liquor other than residence” is still on the books here.

In my 58 years…I’ve done some tailgating…I’ve experienced the “polite and courteous” as well.

A tailgate at the Skydome for example is very “look over your shoulder” and tame.

The truth of the matter is that tailgating in Buffalo is on a much larger scale and a bit more of an “experience”. :wink:

This is quite the novel concept of Mr. Bishop - CFL in USA. Yet, I have this strange feeling it’s been done before. Las Vegas Posse, Memphis Mad Dogs…Gliebermans. Hmmm, maybe it was just a dream.

“Bobby?” “Hi Pam”.

Yes, of course it is. It's way more fun than the actual Bills' game. Without it, the day would be virtually a waste of time. If you want to watch NFL for it's purity of sport, you're better of catching it on TV.

Still, I've never had the "look over your shoulder" experience at Scott Park. (except when I gotta go pee.)

I think this would be a fantastic idea. You could atlest get 15000 from Hamilton to make the trip just for the tailgate. Heck give the tickets away to Bills season ticket holders wit their package, I bet you'd get atleast 40000. The only problem for the field would be the endzone. So maybe for that one game you make it five yards shorter. But can't change the width. I think this idea should definetly be explored to branch out to the American market. We don't need or want a team down there again but having a US tv fan base definetly would help.

I doubt you'd get the numbers you quoted.

The field is totally unacceptable for a CFL game of any sort.

What's wrong with making the one exception and playing the game on an NFL field before the Bills game??

As for drunks etc that's not an issue the CFL should be concerned with, that's up to the security people at the stadium.
If they can play an NHL ice hockey game in Buffalo why not a CFL game. We are talking about just one game only on an NFL field and its played before a Bills game.
That's a great idea!

You would have to move the goal posts as well.

Bishop is a brainless moron.

Anybody who thinks having a Ti-Cat/Argo regular season game in Buffalo is a good idea should have their head examined IMO.

What a waste.

I couldn't care less what the NFL does, and to think we should copy them for some sort of reason is just insane.

It would be pointless. It wouldn't remotely resemble anything CFL.

Putting 12 men on the crowded field with tiny endzones would not showcase CFL in any meaningful way whatsoever. It would just be a funny version of American football.

as for drunks etc that's not an issue the CFL should be concerned with, that's up to the security people at the stadium.
I was addressing, not a security issue, but an attendance one. They wouldn't stick around for the second game. it takes way toolong to get out of Ralph Wilson stadium parking as it is. They would have had enough by the end of the first game
If they can play an NHL ice hockey game in Buffalo why not a CFL game. We are talking about just one game only on an NFL field and its played before a Bills game.
Because the Sabres played.

And, playing before the NFL game wouldn't help either. It's all about the tailgate in Buffalo.

I just don't see it working at all. Furthermore, there is no need for it. Honestly, I woulnd't go. It would be a travesty.

We were discussing a Toronto-Hamilton Game in Buffalo...that is why I mentioned the Skydome, having just been there on Sunday...and at the tailgate everyone was "looking over their shoulder" because we were in a parking lot south of Bremner.

Not near as good as Scott Park.

By the way..."going for a pee" in Toronto is some dangerous experience...you have to be careful not to step on needles. :o :thdn: