Why not start Mcyntire at Defensive Tackle

It seems to me that Hickman and Long are very well suited for Defensive End as they are fast and not thick enought to play Tackle . I think Mcyntire is doing a great job against the run and has the size to switch over to TACKLE from the end position .

This would improve our overall pass rush since Mcyntire was getting more pressure then any of the current DT's . i do however realize that it is more difficult to generate pressue from the TACKLE position .

I also think it might be time to put Caulley in the backfield with Cobb and thus start KIRK at the other DT spot . Caully gives him that guy that can pond the ball in the end zone in the red zone Also Mcdaniel has shown great hands and courage at reciever and maybe it is time to give him a start and maybe move Caulley , Cobb , or James to KICK RETURN

Barker over Beverridge should also be coming soon

McIntyre has been injured and probably not 100% healthy or fit for the last game. I do agree that he should be starting once he's ready to go. He's very quick off the edge and I feel that he's our best DE. I'd like to see McIntyre and Long as the starting DE's. :cowboy:

Problem is we don't have the Active Roster Space to do either

And while we’re at it lets make a trade to Winterpeg for Shebbazz and Simpson.
Those two on our squad would be scarry.

McIntyre is at practice again, according to this: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2009/ ... ctice.html

I would like to see what will be done with him once his is back.

And after the Davis release, you might get your wish in seeing McDaniel as a starting receiver. We might also see Currie on returns soon.

that's great news on mcyntire that he is back practicing will be nice to see him back in the lineup again cause he was a force

Why fix what isn't broken???

McIntyre is a dominant force at DE and should be right back in that spot when he is well enough to play.