why not put in eakin ?

i saw let maas have the 1st quarter, if its the same old show, put in eakin, and why havent they put eakin in on any of our previous losses ?

I’d give him a shot if Maas doesn’t put much up before the end of the first half.

they should but we all know eakin wont get any playing time unless maas gets ingured

Eakin Should have Been the Starter From Day 1.
The Trade for Maas was a Waist IMO..

I Think Maas still Has Bum Shoulder..
that why Maas deep passes Sink..
Eakin has Stonger Arm
Eakin has Bright Future
Give him some playing Time..
Ask Eric Tilman

I hope I am Wrong but Don't Think I am

Eakin is GOD!

amen to that :thup:

It's too late and too early to play Eakin ...

Too late because Maas was brought in to be number 1, and too early because 3 games is waaaaaay tooooooo soon to pull the plug on an offence that has barely been together for 2 months.

Although I agree with the general sentiment that Eakin is a more than capable QB ... the timing is SIMPLY ALL WRONG right now.


the offence has been together for longer than 2 months. they were practicing all winter together at the sports dome up the mountain. they should have some chemistry by now.

practise is one thing but playing is quite another. especially when you are not calling your own plays. STOP THE SWING PASS and maybe we might have a chance at putting up some points, and PLAY CAVIL!!!!!!

FOR THE LAST TIME the )-line HAS to give Maaw more than 2 steamboats to get a pass off!!!

I agree our Tackles are bad..
But Kevin is more Moble then Jason is..
so that should help..

All praise Eakin.

Honour Eakin with praise.

Eakin will lead us to the promise land.

(God, I hope we get a win soon...any kind of win...rock paper scissors would do at this point.)

(God, I hope we get a win soon...any kind of win...rock paper scissors would do at this point.)
we've won at least one coin toss havent we?

I'd put in Eakin if...

a) he could kick field goals

b) he could block for Ranek

c) he could sack the opposing QB

d) he could hold for field goals.

"d" it is, then!

In other words Eakin is the back up and Maas is not the reason we have no offensive oomph yet. It's that simple.

i think we should give jason another chance i just think hes gettin used to the new team and he needs time to fit in but the reason hes not gettin his passes complete is mainly because of his recievers i watched the game last night and most passes were imcomplete so u can't just blames it on the QB

i love it.

not including the 1 play for a TD and that last drive, what did Maas really do! Turnovers set us up with great field position a number of times. Granted once we ran twice and got a penalty, but the other times he did very little.

hamilton hasn't seemed to have changed its philosophy about scoring in the last 15 years. every year they get a team that can marh just fine from the 35 yd line to the other team's 35 yd line. then they throw a couplf of long passes towards the endzone, miss, and settle for a fg, or a fg attempt. they've been doing that for years. what we need is a team that can march the ball right to the goalline, not just to field goal range.