Why not play most games on weekends?

Why doesn't the CFL play most games on weekends. Just seems like they would be better watched and better attended and viewed more as an "event." Seems like the Thursday, Friday games have less star power and people are pooped from work on those days.

Can't speak for other teams but the Bombers specifically want Thursday or Friday games during the summer because there are a lot of season ticket holders who have cottages or want to go to the lake or whatever on the weekend.

Yes during the summer months I'm not keen on weekends as I like to be able to go to the beach and that.

Friday night games are awesome except when they start after 9PM in the Eastern Time Zone and run well past midnight.

I like the Thursday night games too.

I did not check to see if there are any Thursday night conflicts with the NFL in the first part of the season given that the NFL has expanded its Thursday night package at last, but basically if there is even one I think it won't matter because high chances are that one of the two games on will be a snoozer.

I am not a big fan of Saturday or Sunday afternoon games because I want to be out and about here in the sunshine.

There was a time many moons ago (1970's anyway) when all games during the first half of the season were played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights till Labour day then went all weekends after that. Not sure that would work today.