Why not play a game in the states....

I dont understand the Cfl they could market better in the states heres a good exapmle alot of buckeye fans would love too see Brent Johnson,Rob Murphy,and Ken yon Rambo play in the states.I think a city like columbus ohio would bring fans out.The cfl marketing in the usa is not good.Heres another example why not seel cfl jersys in america?I dont get why they dont attempt too do abetter job of getting the canadian brand out there in the american public

Been wondering the same thing for years. There is no harm in playing the occasional pre-season game outside of Canada while the benefits could be huge.

fields are too small. no way should any season game be played on a bastardized field. Pre season maybe, but that wouldnt do much good as they would not be showing CFLs best game.

I agree. I wouldn't like seeing a CFL game on a NFL field. Not to mention I can't stand the whole playing games out of country crap. I hate the games the NFL plays in London.

CFL should offer a vaction packages that would include games in Toronto, Montreal, and BC, to Wheel of Fortune

They should also try to offer really good deals, like almost free, to some USA tv networks.

A CFL game could be played on any U.S. field used for rugby or soccer, as long as the endzone seating does not intrude into the endzones.

its hard to find a good selection of cfl jersiers in Canada as well.

don't forget about half of the American teams that played in the league between 1993-1995 played on a regulation sized cfl field so It can be done. I say bring it on.

They have a hard enough time to market it in Canada let alone the USA

I think Baltimore would love to host it, maybe the Alouettes can play and wear some retro Stallions (Football Club or WHY) jerseys.

i don't like the idea at all. they need to just stay in Canada

What financial incentive would the CFL have to play a game in the U.S.?

Absolutely have a game in the US, in fact I have called for an Allstar game type in Hawaii of all places.
It would give many Canadians a reason to vacation into those beautiful islands.
While we are at it, why not go to London across the pond and show how our game is much better.

What financial benefit would the CFL derive from doing that?

There is the issue of revenue loss for the home team. So there has to be is a reasonable chance of selling out a stadium.

Doing a preseason or for that matter a regular gaime in another Canadian city has to make good marketing sense. I just do not see what the real advantage would be for the CFL to do a game in the states.

Yes this would only happen if sponsors are involved locally to cover all costs inclusive of a potential loss of as home game if there actually is one.
Unless the league was to schedule a "special type game".

Sounds great so the league can play before 5,000 people sounds awesome, theres no need to play down south. Thank God the BOG is more interested in getting its own backyard taken care of then venturing out into other countries. Keep it Canadian, as long as the motto of the CFL is It's Our Game, thats where all the games will be played.

I went to games in the US: Baltimore played on a regulation sized field (because it was a converted baseball stadium - now gone). San Antonio built their stadium to accommodate a reg CFL field, and Sacramento had temp. bleachers in the endzones so they could move then back. Shreveport, Las Vegas, Birmingham, and Memphis never did play on reg. fields in the US. I think that the only way the CFL plays in the states again is if we have (or are looking for) American teams. The CFL does not even rate mention from most sports analysts and reporters (in the 80s and 90s, it garnered very little respect, but people still talked about it). The league needs to worry about getting games on tv here long before they play games here (and getting games on the tube in the US is and should be a very low priority).

I love all these wild dreams people have.. there's little realism here.

there's no financial benefit to the CFL.

they'd have to have a contract where they get a large percent of the money earned from ticket sales, merchandise and concession sales.

no way they could do it without getting every penny from the American fans.

Ive been suggesting that the 100th Grey Cup be played in Baltimore! the City of Toronto does not deserve to host it.