Why Not Nickelback???

As much as I don't care for the over-played music of Nickelback, I can't for the life of me understand why the CFL would pick a non Canadian has-been like Lenny Kravitz to play the half time show at the Grey Cup in Toronto. Nickelback is easily the most popular and successful Canadian band to break into the the US and international market in the last decade.

Quote: "This is such an American-wannabe city that you needed to do something special for Grey Cup," said Toronto Argonauts president Keith Pelley.

I personally can't think of a more "American-wannabe" band than Nickelback who has won numerous international awards.

Keith Pelley really said that? But I do think that Kravitz is an odd choice. As for Nickelback, who knows, maybe the CFL asked and they turned them down.

I was listening to the Fan 590 last night with Bob McCown who was interviewing Pelley and Pelley mentioned that a lot of bands are only available if they are touring and some want outrageous money.

Let’s face it here, with Vancouver going with an American act last time, you knew darn well that it had to be an American or international act for Toronto regardless.

But why slag Nickelback, even if you don’t like them. They have sold over 17 million records. Yes, popularity doesn’t equal quality, so I’ve been told, but still, popularity does count to a degree to be the half-time performer at a GC. Otherwise they’d have gotten my man David Usher, which of course wouldn’t happen. Or Stabilo, great group.

So what about Edmonton two years ago - they had the Black Eyed Peas - would you say that Edmonton was an American wannabe city?
You go after the best available talent that appeals to the masses, I don't care if their American, Brits or Canadians.

Well, you raise an interesting point. They(Nickleback) are from Ultra-Right Wing Alberta so that pretty much qualifies them right there as seperatists.


Nothing wrong with being a separatist.

Why does someone always have to complain???

Ah cfl, it's probably something to do with what the scientists call the fundamental nature of man, it's in our genes I guess. :wink:

That, people, is a pathetic excuse for a western CANADIAN ideology. I rest my case.



How could we possibly accept a group with a name based upon a term for an American football defensive formation?

Sorry..... couldn't resist. :slight_smile:

The half-time entertainment for the Grey Cup (Canada's most watched sporting event) should ALWAYS be Canadian. I don't know why they had the Black Eyed Peas last year and again with a non-Canadian this year. It's not like we have a shortage of musical talent in (or at least originally from)this country... Neil Young, Barenaked Ladies, 54-40, Avril Lavigne,Alannis Morisette, Feist, Arcade Fire, etc, etc. I doubt if Lenny Kravitz has ever even heard of the CFL.

Perhaps, but when Lenny busts out his cover of American Woman with Mr. Cummings accompaning you'll understand why he's the halftime act. Lenny has much more talent in one finger than Nickelback...

As for the acts mentioned, all great acts - you forgot Martha and the Muffins btw - but why should it always be a Canadian act? The Super Bowl halftime acts are not always American...

Though, glancing at Neil Young's name and imagining Keep On Rockin' in the Free World would be stellar... perhaps with a Pearl Jam backup? :slight_smile:

Why should it always be Canadian??
I think we would be upset if the NFL said that their Super Bowl halftime show should be American only.
Shania Twain, Nelly Furtardo, Avril Lavigne, the Stones, Paul McCartney have all performed at the super bowl none are American. Even Celine Dion sang the US National Anthem at the Super Bowl a couple of years ago.
Not sure what nationality Michael Jackson is these days, he performed a few years ago at half time.

Half time show should be the biggest and best they can get. Whether they are Canadian, American, or Scandanavian.

This Cnadian-only talk is weak.

Perhaps, but when Lenny busts out his cover of American Woman with Mr. Cummings accompaning you'll understand why he's the halftime act.
I bet Bachman and Cummings were available...

Shoulda been Neil Young man, that woulda been something else. They might as well have gotten the Guess Who if they wanted to hear American Woman.

The Grey Cup should be a show case for Canadian Talent as long as it's not Celine Dion.

there's no reason as to why the CFL has to have a "Canadian Only" musicial act?

there are only so many you know?!

there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with bringing in American talent to have a great half time show!

they should find a way to bring in Peter frampton, Elvis Costello, Eric Clapton and so on.. have a good rockin time!

Lenny is okay, please avoid the Hip Hop or hard core Rap which sounds like crap live. "ahhhhh here we go here we go" Also Guess Who reunions ect... let us move forward please. A semi current canadian act with broader appeal is always my preferance. Nickleback, Avril Lavigne, Shania, Bare Naked Ladies would be fine even a harder edge or other genre like Simple Plan, Finger Eleven, Paul Brandt or Micheal Buble would be better than import talent.

For the same reason there is a quota for Canadian players...because it is the Canadian Football League. And I wouldn't be upset if they hired only American talent for the Superbowl because I never watch it, and like us, I'm sure they have a large talent pool to choose from. Think of it this way: two football players are vying for the same position;they have equal skill and talent and are both qualified for the job; one is American and one is Canadian; there is only one position open. In the Canadian Football League, who should the position go to?